Renewal/new certificates is now open for 2018.  Renewal of PHRF-NB certificates or generation of new certificates will be processed differently this year.  Like last year the renewal and application procedure is  online. However, this year, payment for certificates will be online via credit card.  A PDF file containing the below instructions can be downloaded at the bottom of this article. 2018PHRFWebsiteInstr.pdfPaying for a PHRF Certificate

Before you renew or apply for a new certificate, you must pay for the certificate. After the certificate is paid for you may either create a new certificate or renew an existing certificate.


Go to the PHRF-NB website in any browser.  www.phrf-nb.org


If you had a certificate in 2017 login to your account.

If you are a New PHRF Member you must “Create a new account”. Click on “Create new account”. Click on the "Create new account" button on the right below "User login".

If you had a recent certificate but did not renew in 2017, you may already have an account. The email address that you supplied us with the previous certificate is the username. If you try to register and get a message saying the account already exists, you may click on “Request new password”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 2.29.59 PM.png

Once you have logged in or created an account and logged in, choose “Get a rating” from the main menu.

In the page “Get a PHRF Certificate” select item #3 “Renew* a certificate or apply for a new certificate””

You will be prompted to pay for your PHRF Certificate. Click on “purchase a coupon” under the title "Renew".
If you have more than one certificate to renew you will have to purchase one coupon, renew a certificate then purchase another coupon and renew the next one.

Add the certificate to your cart (click on the “Add to cart” button) and proceed with the checkout process.

If ready then click on the “Checkout” button to proceed with the checkout process.

Enter your billing information and click on the “Review order” button.

If the order information is correct, click on the “Submit Order” button.

You will be taken to a page on Authorize.net for secure credit card processing. Enter your credit card information, confirm your billing information and click “Pay Now”.


Once you have completed payment you will be sent to the Renew/Create page.

If you have a certificate (for example a 2017 certificate) that is eligible for renewal (under “Certificate Options”) you may select that certificate. If you have more than one certificate to renew you will have to choose one now then start the process again with "Get a rating" and "purchase a coupon".

If you are applying for the first time you will only see the option to “Apply for a new certificate”

Under “Renewal options” click on “Create/Renew certificate with changes”.

In the box labeled “Certification:” click on the radio button “I understand…”.

Click on the “Submit” button.

When you click “Submit” you will be presented with a form. If you are renewing a certificate the form will include all the data from last year.

If you are applying for a new certificate, the form will be blank.

Review/complete the form making any necessary changes.  A new field was added this year so you will be required to select “Mast Material” type before you can submit a renewal and possibly other fields.

Please note that some fields may have been added. If these are mandatory and you don’t complete them, you will be prompted to do so.

After completing the form click on the “Save” button near the bottom left.


  • Once you submit your certificate, it will be queued for review by a handicapper.

  • When your certificate is rated and approved you will receive an email notifying you. No certificate will be mailed to you.

  • Follow the link in the email to access your certificate. At the bottom of the page that is displayed there is a link to an official PDF version that you may download.

  • At any time you can access your current, past or pending certificates by logging on to the site on the right of the PHRF-NB home page and using the “My PHRF” menu at the top. You can print a PDF of any certificate directly from this page.

A PDF file containing above can be downloaded below. 2018PHRFWebsiteInstr.pdf

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