September 24, 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2018

 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Doyle ail Loft, East Greenwich, RI

Called to order at 6:40pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Ken Madeiro, board member; Paul Grimes, board member; Paul Cronin board member, Todd Johnston, board member; Craig Nann, board member; Vin McAteer

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of AugustSeptember 27, 2018 seconded and approved.


Vin McAteer was welcomed to the group. Vin owns a Summit 35, Divided Sky which he actively campaigns.

Rating Appeals: None

New Certificate Requests:

None to rate.

Old Business:

*The idea/discussion of promoting a measurement day for spinnakers was renewed.

Thoughts were will there be a cost to the boat owner or could it be done at no cost.  Craig Nann volunteered to contact all of the local sail lofts to see if they would be interested in participating. The board members of PHRF-NB could be enlisted to assist in the measuring.

Paul Cronin and Todd Johnston are willing to make a video for the PHRF website showing how to measure mainsails, genoas, asymmetrical and symmetrical as well as code 0 sails at the Doyle loft.

*Clarifying articulating pole definitions is to be looked at to see if changes to the description is needed.

*As the local sailing season wind down the changes to adjustments/penalties on genoas was discussed to see if there was any pushback from certificate holders.  The changes seem to have been reluctantly accepted by those affected as making sense.   US sailing is updating a survey on non-overlapping headsails

*Will attempted to contact PHRF SOCAL regarding multiple ratings based on conditions but did not receive any response. He contacted Jim Antrim at NORCAL. The information Jim provided was for offshore and windward leeward courses which would not be useful to PHRF-NB. Further discussion on ratings for wind and course types continued with no consensus on what could easily be implemented and how it would be used by race committees.

*Having a Weight Day for owners interested was discussed. The proper way to weigh a boat was discussed. The potential impact on ratings if significant variations were identified was also discussed.

*Thoughts were tossed out regarding a system that could replace PHRF – or is PHRF the entry level rating system and as boat programs become more successful and invested do they move up to more complex and detailed as well as expensive rating program

*The diversity of ratings particularly for new boats and the advances in composites and sail technology has an impact on the rating spreads between new and older boats.

*The issue of sportsmanship and self-policing was discussed as everyone has a story about a boat that is felt to be out of compliance with the spirit of PHRF but rating appeals are considered in bad taste by competitors.

New Business:

*Annual Budget:

Question as to when annual filings with the State of RI are due. A new personal PIN is need for the State of RI access.

No current filings are due.

Any changes to the website might result in a cost that needs to be budgeted

How far back does the board want to input old data/information to the website?

*Information/detail for above or below deck furlers needs to be added to the certificates

*Clarifying information on adjustments for spinnaker poles and whisker poles should be added to instructions.

*A draft of a questionnaire prepared by Mark Nannini to send to certificate holders was reviewed

*Annual Meeting need date and agenda and place

               4th week of January Tuesday the 29 at East Greenwich Yacht Club

Phil Garland has relinquished his spot on the board after serving for many years. His expertise will be missed.

Next meeting October 22, 2018 at Bristol Yacht Club, Bristol, RI

Adjourned 8:20PM

Submitted Bob Horton





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