April 22, 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2019 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at East Greenwich Yacht Club. East Greenwich, RI

Called to order at 6:30pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Paul Cronin, board member; Moose McClintock, board member; Vin McAteer, board member; Randy Shore, board member; Don Kern, board member

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of February 25, 2019 were seconded and approved.


Swan 42 rating appeal

Certificate 13743 - The Cat Came Back, Swan 42, W. Lincoln Mossop III owner, represented by Skip Mattos. Mr Mattos is a former PHRF-NB board member and currently manages this boat for the owner. The 2018 base rating was -6. The condition and preparation of the boat along with the results of races from 2018 was introduced by Skip. He stated that with the newer boats they are competing against that the -6 rating made them less competitive. Skip’s feeling is that the boat should have a base rating of 0. This boat has an IRC rating of 1.166, an ORC rating of .8401 and a GPH of 544.6. Subsequent to his testimony the members present, many who are quite familiar with the boat expressed their position on the skills and quality of sailing that this boat has demonstrated. It was agreed that this boat is well prepared to maximize its potential. After review and discussion 2 votes were taken and the members agreed on a new base rating of -3 that will be reviewed at the end of the 2019 season.


Certificate 13596 – La Deforce, Beneteau Figaro 3 model, manufactured in 2018, Laurent Givry owner, newest of the Figaro models. This was a holdover from March while additional information was obtained. Based on the additional information and comparison to the previous models the members present agreed to a provisional base rating of 24.

Certificate 13671 – Cepheus, Quest 33S, manufactured 2002, Roger Martin designer, Holby Marine manufacturer, Philip Haydon new owner. This boat was rated by PHRF-NB in the past for the previous owner Matthew Asaro at a base of 93. Various information was collected on the boat which is basically a custom design. The information collected and the previous validated performance of the design lead to a long discussion about the other Quest models. ORC has this boat rated at1.041 which would equate to a PHRF base of 67. Review of outboard shrouds and appropriate credits for the design were included in the review. It was agreed by the members present that the previous rating was quite lenient and that the appropriate base rating should be XXXX. Due to the significant reduction of the base Will Museler will contact the new owner Philip Hayden to explain the new ratings which will be provisional.

Certificate 13712 – Tiger, Nautor, Swan 46, MKII model, manufactured in 1991, Thomas Armstrong Grieb owner. This is a holdover from March . Last month it was determined that the draft reported on the certificate did not agree with the standard boat. The owner was contacted and the draft was confirmed to meet the standard boat dimensions. Committee members present agreed to a provisional rating of 60.

Certificate 13799 – Outlier, Botin 55, manufactured in 2019, Harvey Jones owner. The location of the chain plates was question as the pictures available show them to be outboard. Also questioned was the #2 headsail which was listed as a 130%. It was agreed by the members present that we need additional information to arrive at a base rating for this custom design. Moved to hold until next meeting when requested information is provided/obtained.

Certificate  13838 - Honey, Alerion Express 33, manufactured in 2019, Peter Johnstone owner. This is not a standard boat and was modified to the owner/designers specifications. It has a large square top main which also has an oversized girth, the I is increased, the J decreased the P decreased and the E decreased compared to a standard model. PHRF-NE has rated the boat 120 base for 2019. Charleston Ocean Racing Association rated this boat at 120 base for 2019. After discussion by members present it was agreed to assign a provisional base rating of 111.







·        Under girth Spinnakers – Pogo 12.5 has two spinnakers that are below the 75% mid-girth to foot requirement. We need to discuss a formal policy for an appropriate adjustment for these sails.

·        Location for May meeting

Meeting Adjourned


Submitted by Bob Horton


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