January 23, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Annual Meeting January 23, 2018

Meeting at Newport Yacht Club, Newport, RI

Called to order at 1830

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Paul Grimes, board member; Todd Johnston, board member; Bill Beebe, board member; Craig Nann, board member; 12 additional attendees as detailed on the attendance sheet

·        Commodore Nannini reviewed the current setup of the credit card process new for 2018.

·        Will Museler, rating chairman addressed numerous pending issues.

·        Commodore Nannini stated that the board is looking for new members who are interested in serving to bring additional interest and expertise to the board. More West Bay representation is being sort.  Recommendations should be sent to the Commodore.

·        Minutes from the previous meeting of December, 2017 were accepted.

·        Treasures report by Roy Guay detailed that 2017 expenses were $27,462.57 while income was $21,720.00. The additional expenses were due to the installation of the website and associated expenses. 2017 continued the trend of a reduction in certificate holders/applications. 2017 had 424 certificates issued while 2016 had 477. Commodore Nannini expanded on the reduced number of certificates. The lack of a renewal paper mailing in 2017 with the implementation of the new process could have resulted in some previous members not being reached. Other PHRF sites will be checked for membership trends. Craig Nann reminded everyone that boat sales and manufacturing is down nationwide.

·        The slate of 2018 officers was presented and no additional nominations were submitted from the floor. The slate was seconded and approved as presented. (See attached)

New Business:

·        Information regarding changes in the 2018 certificate process will be communicated to all existing certificate holders and the individual clubs and race committee chairmen.

·        Rating adjustments/changes in 2018 include

o   Jib/Genoa size credits/[penalties

o   Symmetrical spinnaker changing to A-sail

o   Credit for spinnakers on heavy displacement boats to go up.

o   Mainsail girth measurements under review with the proliferation of square top mains being fitted.

o   Roller furlers below deck will lose the roller furler credit as above deck furlers have less sail area and are not deck sweepers.

o   One Design classifications will need to have a manufacturer’s specification sheet available for review.

o   Question of credits for less crew on a one design level was asked. This might increase boat numbers participating. No decision by board but a review will be done regarding this type of adjustment

o   Examples of the results of changes regarding the A-sail measurement were presented by Will Museler.

·        Credit card acceptance testing will begin shortly. There is not an official date to open to the general populace.

·        Request from attendee on why mainsail furler options such as Stack-Pack do not receive a credit in the same way that roller furlers do. This might encourage more cruisers to race. Board to review.

·        The S-Boat Fleet is proposing a bigger mainsail as the OD sail for the group’s 100th anniversary. Todd will compare the existing measurement to the proposed and report back to the group.

·        Adjourned 1935

Submitted By Bob Horton

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