February 27, 2018 Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2018 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Aidans Restaurant, Bristol RI

Called to order at 6:30pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Ken Madeiro, board member; Paul Grimes, board member; Todd Johnston, board member; Paul Cronin, board member, Craig Nann, board member

Minutes from the previous meeting of December 11, 2017 were accepted.

New Certificate requests


Old Business:

Agreed to look closer at the asymmetric centerline credit formula in regards to whether modified ISP and JC measurements should be used. Will to issue a comparison chart with data from Roy.

·        Discussed differences between US Sailing displacements and actuals. US Sailing published data will continue to be used. In the event that an owner weighs his boat and comes requests adjustment the boat will undergo a review based on past performance. In regards to the asymmetric C/L credit the default will be US Sailing published data.

·        It was agreed that sail area will be what is published by the manufacturer as standard.

·        Discussion regarding bigger, heavier, boats, slow by design receiving a credit and how to identify and classify was put off for more research.

·        Currently all certificate holders receive a non-spinnaker and spinnaker rating even if no spinnaker information is provided. The question of requiring a boat to provide measurements was discussed and the thought was that the local sailmakers would be over whelmed with measurement request. Further review of how and what to accept to issue a spinnaker rating will be undertaken.

·        Update on the IRS tax classification for PHRF-NB is that the IRS has acknowledged receipt of our application and is reviewing it.

New Business:

·        J-24 rating with 150% genoa. The current 174 base rating will be based on a 150% genoa which is considered a one design rating. In the event that a boat wishes to sail with a  155% genoa the base rating will need to be adjusted to reflect the larger sail area.

·        Proposed changes to the PHRF rules were accepted as proposed.

o   PHRF INST2018, headsail credits bullet 2, insert “mounted above deck” following bottom drum.

o   PHRF INST2018, Certificate Mod, insert sentence at end, “Please contact the administrator to facilitate this process”.

o   PHRF Standard Adjustments, Genoa size chart B has been added for boats having up to 118% jibs in the base rating and wanting to use larger upwind sails.

o   PHRF Standard Adjustments, IMS Mainsail Girths have been added to the mainsail section.

o   PHRF Standard Adjustments, the following has been added to section 3A:


     1. For yachts who are currently rated for a symmetrical spinnaker and will only use an asymmetrical spinnaker tacked to the bow or on a non-articulating pole on the centerline (note that SPL increases are addressed seperatley above) the formula below will be used. Thje use of either type of spinnaker on an articulating pole will be addressed by the the committee on an individual basis.

           i.e., no spinnaker pole or no symmetrical spinnaker with pole                            0  to + 12




SA(DW)-D / Disp-L Ratio


< 0.1


0.101 - 0.160


0.161 - 0.225


0.226 - 0.275


0.276 - 0.300


0.301 - 0.374


> 0.375

·        Use of a whisker pole with an assymetric spinnaker was discussed. Decision made to insert rule that Poles shall not be attached to the clew of a spinnaker except while in the process of jibing.


·        The date for the next meeting will be March 26, 2018 at the Bristol Yacht Club

·        Meeting Schedule for 2018

o   April 23, 2018

o   May 21, 2018

o   June 25, 2018

o   July 23, 2018

o   August 27, 2018

o   September 24, 2018

o   October 22, 2018

o   November 26, 2018

o   December 2018 (TBD if necessary)


Adjourned 20:45

Submitted By Mark Nannini

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