November 18, 2019 PHRF-NB Minutes

November 18, 2019 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Newport Yacht Club, Newport, RI

Called to order at 6:45pm

Attendees: Will Museler, Rating chairman; Roy Guay, treasurer; Kathy Rotsky, administrator; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ken Madeiro, board member; Don Kern, Board member; Paul Grimes, board member

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of October 28, 2019 which had been distributed via email were seconded and approved.

New Business

Discussion of A-symmetrical and symmetrical spinnaker sails

Discussion of large roach headsails and if the headsail table was realistic below 150%

A question surfaced on the length of a sprit changing the design/shape of a headsail while holding the total area the same. No consensus was reached on the effect on performance. A further review with sailmakers was suggested to get more input.  


Review of the 2019 Rating appeals and provisional ratings from the October meeting was continued.

·        The Diva 39, High Energy owned by Ed Adams was noted to have 2 years of J dimensions which varied. The rating in Bermuda was 87 and research found that Bermuda used New England ratings. Race results indicate that Ed Adams statements of performance in other than certain conditions was not as accurate as presented. ORC ratings for boats with measurements close to a DIVA 39 convert to .87 in OCR. A letter will be prepared to be sent to Ed Adams requesting clarification on the J dimension and asking for 3 years of race results.

·        The Beneteau Sense 50 SD, owned by Carl Metz had additional information obtained. This boat has an undersized spinnaker. The deep keel version of this boat is base rated 81 by SOCAL. Current PHRF-NB base is 60 the members present agreed to a new base of 68 and with adjustments the sailing rating will be 74.

·        The Quest 33S, Cepheus, owned by Philip Haydon has an ORR certificate and is sailing at 87. New adjustments will bring the adjusted to 95.

·        Other boats identified for further review were

o   Beneteau Figaro 3 which we don’t have enough data or race results to form an accurate position on.

o   Hinckley Bermuda 40-3 which we have requested a response from the owner regarding the draft of the boat. 



Draft 10 of the PHRF-NB Regulation document for the year 2020 which had been sent out via email was reviewed in detail and no further changes were identified. These changes will be updated in the document and sent out via email for final approval by the board members.


Location for Annual Meeting will be at Newport Yacht Club. The date for the Annual Meeting is Wednesday, January 29, 2020 6:30pm.

A slate of officers for 2020 will be finalized for the meeting meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 9:25pm

Submitted by Bob Horton

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