February 24, 2020 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Minutes PHRF-NB Meeting

Location:      Barrington Yacht Club
Date:            February 24, 2020
Time:           1830

I.    Call to Order 6:28pm

II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Will Museler, Roy Guay, Bob Horton, Paul Cronin, Paul Grimes, Todd Johnston, Ken Madeiro, Moose McClintock, Mark Nannini, Randy Shore, Kathy Rotsky

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: November 2019 minutes voted to approve, seconded and voted to accept.

IV.    Review Meeting Minutes: Annual Meeting, January 2020 minutes had no corrections.

V.    Appeal:  And She Was (Lippincott 30) rating by members of PHRF-NB – Chair Will: Museler

a)      Appellants’ designated spokesperson present their position

Chip Hawkins addressed the fact that the rudder on And She Was is not a standard Lippincott 30 rudder along with the transom cut-out which is also non-standard.

Will Museler stated that he had reviewed the survey of And She Was and it showed a standard interior. Lippincott 30’s had a standard and a shoal draft keel option. And She Was has what appears to be the standard draft keel and no changes to the rig were noted.

b)      Jonathan Banks owner of And She Was present his position. He stated that he purchased the boat in 2006 and has made no structural modifications to the boat. Sails and deck hardware have been updated.

Jonathan introduced Matt Smith a naval architect and regular crew on And She Was who distributed documentation to the board regarding the difference between a standard Lippincott 30 rudder and the elliptical rudder on And She Was. The elliptical rudder is close in size to the standard but is deeper than the standard production rudder.

Jonathan stated that the certificate weight was provided by the surveyor that he had hired prior to purchasing the boat. Jonathan provided documentation of correspondence correcting a difference in the listed and actual waterline length. He also provided documentation listing base ratings of Lippincott 30’s from different PHRF areas and base ratings of boats similar to the Lippincott 30. This information was very similar to what Don Kern has distributed from his research. Jonathan stated that the average crew experience on the boat was 37 years and that the main crew had sailed together since 2013 and that they performed well as a crew and team. Jonathan provided race results from when he was not on the boat as skipper which showed a drop in performance.

Jonathan stated that in 2016 And She Was won the Barrington non-spinnaker class. In 2016  And She Was switched to spinnaker and came in 2nd overall, in 2018 And She Was came in 2nd overall and in 2019 the And She Was was 1st overall in a small fleet of 5 boats. Jonathan stated that in 2019 they sailed better than ever. Jonathan then went on to review each of the boats that they raced against and their performance out of the Barrington series drawing attention to their performance. Jonathan also noted that his performance outside of the Barrington YC Cox series was not 1st place finishes.

c)      Rebuttal by Appellants - Chip Hawkins refuted one of the claims by Jonathan regarding performance in a particular race #21 in the Cox series. He also brought to the attention of the committee that a C&C41 Artimus that races in Bristol had a 1 sec. adjustment for a replacement rudder that was also elliptical compared to the standard rudder.

d)      Rebuttal by And She Was Jonathan was prepared to recap his information but the Commodore did not feel that was necessary

e)      Questions of both parties by Rating Committee were limited.

What are the courses – dropped marks, windward leeward.

What particular changes to hardware were made – traveler and genoa cars, backstay is different

f)       Dismissal of the parties to the appeal

g)      Resolve appeal and Decision by Rating Committee. After discussion which noted the improvement in the program of And She Was  and that the rudder and cut out transom was not a significant performance change based on measurements it was agreed by the members present to leave the base rating at 177 for And She Was.

Will Museler will notify the appellants and the owner of this decision.


VI.    Ratings: to be suspended until opening of 2020 certificate applications

VII.    Old Business:

a)      Review of the 2020 rules and acceptance vote.

i)       Grandfathering new purchased spinnakers prior to 2020 – the members present voted to NOT grandfather any spinnakers that are oversized that were purchased prior to 2020.

It was agreed that the J99S spinnaker class size will be listed as the sail we currently have for EC Helm’s J99

ii)      Sailmaker certificate for all new mains spinnakers. Jibs LP only. The members present agreed and voted to ask all certificate holders to provide a sailmaker letter/certificate on the size of ANY NEW sails added to a boat’s inventory after 2019.

iii)     Positive adjustment to Table B for J109. The members present agreed that no adjustment will be made in regard to Bill Kneller’s request and he will so be informed.



a)      2020 certificate fee reduction – the members present voted and agreed to leave the current fee of $50.00 in place for 2020 certificates. Reasoning being that unknown costs for system software support are always lurking and that our number of certificate applicants has trended down over the past few years.

b)      Multiple certificates for the same boat fee – the members present voted to leave the fee for multiple certificates at $50.00 per certificate.

c)      Increase certification fee for those that request that have less than 14 days to need date. No action was taken. This will be carried forward to March.

d)      Put multiple certs in shopping cart with payment at end of registration. This will be reviewed with our programmer.

e)      The certificate information for the Diva 39 has been questioned and Will Museler has sent 2 emails to Ed Adams requesting clarification of measurements. Based on the review of other certificates for the DIVA 39 and comparing to the standard Diva 39 a new base rating of 96 would be applied. It appears that Ed Adam’s boat is not in One Design configuration.

f)       Location of March 30th will be Bristol YC at 6:30pm.


IX.    Adjournment – 8:55pm

Submitted Bob Horton.

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