March 30, 2020 PHRF-NB Minutes

Minutes PHRF-NB Meeting

Location:         ZOOM 
Date:             March 30, 2020
Time:            1830


I.    Call to Order 6:45pm

II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, rating chairman; Roy Guay, treasurer; Bob Horton, secretary; , Kathy Rotsky’ administrator; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Paul Cronin, committee member; Todd Johnston, committee member; Moose McClintock, committee member; Randy Shore, committee member; Paul Grimes, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: February 24, 2020 minutes voted to approve, seconded and voted to accept.

IV.    Ratings:

·        High Energy - Diva 39:  It appears that Ed Adam’s boat is not in One Design configuration. Per discussion, a 2020 certificate application has not been received from Ed Adams for the Diva 39 and based on new information the 2020 PHRF-NB rating would be faster than 2019.

·        Vento Solare – J-109 Bill Kneller: A 2020 PHRF-NB certificate application has been received and will be processed. The 2020 rating will be identical to the 2019 rating which Bill Kneller has issues with and indicated that he will appeal a 2020 rating if the same as 2019 to US Sailing. The members present agreed that the J-109 rating is accurate based on the formulas that are in place and that any appeal by Bill should follow the normal process to US Sailing and PHRF-NB will wait for a determination by US Sailing.

·        Beneteau First 36.7 En Passant: Questions that were raised regarding extra ballast on/in the keel have been resolved. No further action is required.

V.    Old Business:

a)      Status 2020 of revised software for Certification reflecting new 2020 rules - Roy Guay displayed new form with the guides that are designed to assist applicants in filling out the form correctly. Members present felt that it looked good and will be helpful. It remains at the discretion of the rating committee to review the impact of longer poles on a particular boat.

b)      Increase certification fee for those that requests that have less than 14 days to need date – there may be difficulty in having the certificate program to calculate the number of days. The problem is actually the 24/72 hour requests that take extra work. A check box for expedited process could be the answer. It was noted that normal consumer requests for expedited process through vendors results in higher/additional fees. R. Horton made a motion to assess a $100.00 fee for expedited processing less than 72 hours, motion seconded and approved by members present.

c)      Motion made to grant junior clubs free certifications. Members present were supported of waiving the fee. Further information is need to define junior clubs.

d)      Mark Nannini indicated that he heard Ida Lewis is looking at alternatives to PHRF ratings. This will be looking into for clarification.

e)      Kathy and Roy are looking into clearing up the way that boat models are reported, JBoats and Beneteaus are the boats with most variations of models.

VI.    New Business:

a)      2020 racing season is in flux with many early races and long distance races being cancelled.

b)      Any 2020 certificate received that does not have spinnaker measurements will be calculated at the max dimensions. Directions for how to measure are available on different sites. Measuring will benefit the rating of any boat with an undersized spinnaker. Roy Guay will look into permission to put links into the PHRF-NB site.

c)      Should the name of our white pages be changed was placed on the table. This will be looked at to see if a different name would define the purpose more clearly.

d)      Location of April 27th 2020 meeting – members present indicated that Zoom worked well and it was agreed to hold the April meeting via Zoom.


VII.    Adjournment –

VIII.    Submitted Bob Horton.

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