April 27, 2020 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Minutes PHRF-NB Monday, April, 27, 2020 Meeting

Meeting Location: Zoom 

I.    Call to Order: 6:30pm


II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Paul Cronin, committee member; Paul Grimes, committee member; Todd Johnston, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member; Moose McClintock, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: March 2020

IV.    Ratings:

a)      2020 Certificate14486 - Vento Solare, J-109, Bill Kneller: status as to US Sailing appeal – Bill has filed a rating appeal with PHRF-NB. The fee for the appeal has been received.  A date and time to hear the appeal will be set in conjunction with Bill Kneller.

b)      2019 Certificate 14338 - Raven Lunatic, Raven, Henry DuPont owner (PHRF-NB), (ECSA-PHRF) - a great deal of research has been put into this certificate as Henry DuPont who runs Block Island Race Week has shifted Brock Island to ECSA-PHRF due to his unhappiness with his 2019 base rating of 129. ECSA has granted him a provisional rating of 204 vs 138/142 for PHRF-NB. Research has shown that the Portsmouth ratings for this model is BN4 (11-16kt wind) base would equate to 159 base a BN5 (17-21kt wind) would equate to 156 base. Moose is familiar with these boats and stated that they are probable not as fast as an Etchells but faster than a J24 or Sonar. Review of race results and Facebook home page identified distinct performance greater than 204. These boats apparently carry oversized spinnakers and poles but these may be within One Design measures. Contact has been made with ECSA-PHRF to let them know that the rating they assigned based on Chesapeake Bay is being reviewed by PHRF-NB as that was how the original NB rating prior to 2019 was reached. Our recent review will be provided to ECSA-PHRF. Will Museler will provide the information that we used to provide an adjusted rating to Mr. DuPont.  This action was voted and approved by the members present.

c)      2019 Certificate 14338 - Cetacean, Sabre 36, Peter Maloney owner –after a quick discussion it was agreed that no action on a 2020 certificate was necessary. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

d)      2020 Certificate 14512 - Leonessa, Baltic 42DP (Centerboard) Ray DeLeo owner. The information provided for the 2020 certificate is in need of clarification regarding where the tack for the A-sail is and if the spin 1 listed is actually 91% of max. Kathy Rotsky to contact Ray DeLeo for clarification.

e)      2020 Certificate 14617 - Choucas 3, RM 1370, Fred Cosandey owner.  This is a new boat to PHRF-NB that measures closely to a Baltic 50, Class 40’s or Pogo’s. This similarity to a Pogo which rates +6 was considered when reviewing this French boat which has a full interior and hard chines and we think will perform well off shore. A base provisional rating of 12 was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

f)       2020 Certificate 14516 - Interlodge IV, Botin 44, Austin Fragomen owner. An updated ORC rating of 464 was identified by a member but this was determined to be a rating that must be in error. The IRC rating converts to the 2019 rating assigned to this boat of -60. No action regarding any changes to the base rating of this boat was voted and approved by the members present.

g)      2020 Certificate 14632 - Satori, Graves Constellation, Bob Buffington owner. This certificate came before the committee because the spinnaker measurements resulted in a 5 sec credit. After reviewing the application it was agreed the Kathy Rotsky would contact Mr. Buffington to verify the spinnaker measurements. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

h)      2020 Certificate 14636 - Escapade, Jenneau Sun Odyssey 379, Edward Adelman owner.  New boat to PHRF-NB that needs a base rating. This is a standard boat with no modifications. It has in mast mainsail furling and list a 120% headsail. YRLIS rates these boats at 90 and regression calculations come up to 108. A provisional base rating of 105 with all allowable adjustment applied was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

i)       2020 Certificate 14655 - Pudding, Center Harbor 31, George Denny owner. This is an updated certificated with changes for the Asail. After review the members present agreed that no adjustment to the 2019 base rating of 135 was required. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

j)       2020 Certificate 14554 - Evangeline, Morris M36 SD, Howard Balloch owner. This certificate was identified by the system for review. Review by members showed not change to base or adjustments were necessary. This action was voted and approved by the members present.


V.    Old

a)      2020 Racing Season – still up in the air waiting for governmental direction regarding gatherings and social distancing.

b)      Status of revised software for Certification reflecting new 2020 rules. There are some bugs that need to be worked out. The developer is working on these. The pay 1st has created extra work for Kathy as applicants don’t complete the process (like Mark Rotsky and me). It would be a major change and cost development funds to move to pay at the end of filling out the form. Due to uncertainty of the number of certificates that we will receive for 2020 major changes that result in additional cost will be placed on hold.

VI.    New Business:

a)      Release of e-mail list to NBYA – after a lengthy discussion it was agreed to offer NBYA the option of us sending their announcements to our certificate holders. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

b)      Block Island Community Sailing withdrawal from PHRF-NB – as noted above this was a case of the commodore of Block Island Sailing looking to shop for a better rating for his own personal boat.

c)      New system of processing certificates – see comments above.

d)      PayPal account? This was discussed and members present agreed not to utilize PayPal due to various reasons and the additional cost.

e)      YRALIS: Large Roach Headsails - interesting approach by YRALIS that we will keep abreast of.

f)       May 18th meeting - method and place – agreed to continue using Zoom for this next meeting.


VII.    Adjournment: 9:00pm

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