May 18, 2020 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Minutes PHRF-NB Monday, May, 18, 2020 Meeting

Meeting Location: Zoom

I.    Call to Order: 6:45pm


II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Paul Cronin, committee member; Paul Grimes, committee member; Todd Johnston, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member; Moose McClintock, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: April 2020

IV.    Appeals:

Luna Sea, 1983 Lindenberg 28, current rating 117, Jill Westcott & John Bell owners – Jill Westcott indicted that this is an older boat with possible water in the cored deck the hull is noted as solid glass. When questioned on the age of the sails they indicated that the boat had been stored in a barn for years. The sails are 8 to 9 years old but because the boat wasn’t used they probably have 4 or 5 years of racing on them. The bottom is done with coppercoat and cleaned professionally on a bi-weekly basis. Diver indicated little growth in the past. The boat has been raced for 3 seasons on Narragansett Bay. They have the original tuning guide. It was recommended that they contact the Lindenberg fleet in Maine for tuning and trim guidance. They stated that they are close to the J30’s in their fleet upwind but mostly behind. Downwind they tend to catch up. They have been 1st to finish but correct to the bottom of the fleet on handicap. They sail with 5 to 6 on the boat. The pole on the boats are longer than J but this is a class pole measurement. Jill and John were thanked for their presentation and the committee took their appeal under consideration.

Based on the information presented and observed performance by 2 committee members and a long and thorough discussion the Committee voted to leave the rating as is and to recommend that they maximize the boat for racing under PHRF, buying new sails and obtaining class information from Maine. Will Museler will notify the owners of the decision.

Venda Solare, J109, 2020 Certificate14486 current rating 75/69 (145%)  Bill Kneller on behalf of J109 Association. Bill presented his thoughts on the adjustments that are in affect for table B of the PHRF-NB rules. Bill has reviewed the boats impacted by these adjustments and feels that the only boats he identified are J109 and J105’s. As the representative of the J109 Class Bill has reviewed the adjustments from other PHRF sites across the country and states that PHRF-NB is the only one adjusting large headsails this severally. It was explained by mark Nannini that the tables A & B match adjusted sizes as headsails increase or decrease. After his presentation Bill excused himself from the Zoom meeting and the members present discussed his appeal.

The performance of Vento Solare was noted for results from 2015 through 2019. After a long and thorough discussion the members present agreed to leave the adjustment for increased sail size as is in table B as we have faith in the way that the adjustments are calculated and are applied evenly for all boats originally designed with a foresail less than 114% who decide to race PHRF-NB with a larger foresail. Will Museler will notify Bill Kneller of the committee’s decision.


2020 Certificate 14503 – Fortuna, designer/builder 1926 Crownshield, CTM-staysail schooner, John Taft owner. The rating on this boat was established prior to the meeting and no action was required of the members present.

2020 Certificate 14615 – Melantho, 2002 Beneteau First 36.7, Jack Clayton owner. The rudder has been replaced with a new design by the Farr Association. Comparison of the old and the new rudders based on pictures and measurements provided by Mr. Clayton indicated that in certain conditions the new rudder would be superior to the original stock rudder. The members present agreed that this potentially costly change was made to improve performance. After a long and thorough discussion with much input from the knowledge base on the committee it was agreed that a -3 second adjustment should be applied to the rating for this boat.

2020 Certificate 14640 – Free Radical, 1996 Freedom 35 WK, March Lynch owner. The question regarding issuing a rating for this boat is the amount of roach in the mainsail. Todd Johnston will obtain and provide the standard measurements for the mainsail. Members present agreed to this action.

2020 Certificate 14681 – Eclipse, 2014 Mills 41, Mark Colman owner. This boat is similar to a King 40 which rates 12 but should be slower. Certain members had sailed on this boat and were quite familiar with it. After a thorough discussion it was agreed by the members present to assign a provisional rating of 18.

Boats identified as needing a second look based on system calculation of 2020 rating:

2020 Certificate 14586 – Oohla 1987 Sabre 42 centerboard, George Wilson Lovett MD – question as to the size of the spinnaker which the system identified as questionable. Owner has been requested to have the spinnaker measured.

2020 Certificate 14690 – 1998 Sydney 36, Charles Stoddard owner. This boat previously named Shearwater received a rating adjustment in 2018 of +6 sec to the base. The system is showing and addition +6 sec for 2020. This will be investigated.

2020 Certificate 14587 – Dragon, 2003 Swan 48-2 Hugh Balloch owner. Incomplete spinnaker measurements. Owner contacted, waiting for response.

2020 Certificate 114512 – Leonessa, 1985 Baltic 42DP centerboard, Raymond DeLeo owner. Owner needs to provide where A-sail is tacked and verify the size of spinnaker #1. Waiting for response.

2020 Certificate 14716 – Meddler, 1986 J29MH OB, Bill Shaw owner. Mid girth measurement was needed and owner supplied. No adjustments to the based resulted.

2020 Certificate 14699 – ‘Z’, 1989 Beneteau Oceanis 350WK, Al Clayton owner. Needs to provide mid girth measurements. Owner contacted and will provide measurements.

Old Business:

2020 Racing season still in limbo as clubs and government hash out direction and rules

Status of revised software for Certification reflecting new 2020 rules. Per Roy Guay any issues are being worked on for an automated or manual solution.

Raven’s ECSA rating – information received indicates that ECSA has ignored our findings and granted a rating of 204 even though PHRF-NB provided the calculation of 138/142 for their review.

New Business:

June 29th meeting – method or place. Maybe Bristol or Barrington but Zoom will be available for members who cannot get to a location.

Cruising certificate discount question was submitted by a current certificate holder who feels that during this time when different racing configurations may be used in conjunction with cruising could a lower priced certificate be made available. Members present tabled this request/question.


Adjourned 9:20pm

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