June20, 2020 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Minutes PHRF-NB Monday, June, 20, 2020 Meeting

Meeting Location: Zoom


I.    Call to Order: 6:35pm


II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Paul Cronin, committee member; Paul Grimes, committee member; Todd Johnston, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member; Moose McClintock, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: May 2020

IV.    Appeals:

Venda Solare, J109, 2020 Certificate14486 current rating 75/69 (145%)  Bill Kneller on behalf of J109 Association. NO UPDATE.


2020 Certificate 14960 Alchemist- 2019 Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 hull #4 prototype, Ken Read owner. There are a number of these boats that are applying for ratings and each seems to be a slightly different configuration. Base on ORC is 50 Byte another Sunfast 3300 has a LIS rating of 51 distance and 63 around the buoys. These boats are all equipped to utilize water ballast. IRC rating converts 31 in PHRF. This particular appears to have a smaller mainsail than others and it has a small spinnaker. As a comparison a Figaro 2 rates 57. The boats did well at Key West. A lengthy discussion by members present took into account detailed information that was provided by Ken Read. The boat is reported to be heavier than the manufacturer advertises, this fact was not applied to the rating as the policy and standard ratings for all production boats is to use the manufacturer’s numbers. The members present agreed on a provisional rating of 45 without water ballast. No adjustment given for the smaller mainsail. Base rating adjusted to 66 after further discovery and discussion during the month of July.


 2020 Certificate 14681 Eclipse – 2014 Mills 41 aka C&C Redline MK III, designed by Mark Mills manufactured by Waterline Systems, owner Mark Coleman. There are not modifications of note to the boat, IRC has it rated at 24 which compares to a J121. The members present agreed to a provisional rating of 18.


2020 Certificate 13622 Ochla – 1987 Sabre 42 centerboard, George Wilson Lovett, owner. This boat has a rating from New England of 108. There are some measurements that are needed to assign a rating as the boat only lists a Code 0 but has noted that it carries an asymmetrical spinnaker. It was agreed that the owner should be contacted for more information before assigning a provisional rating.


2020 Certificate 14782 Azura – 1964 Graves Constellation, Erik Ekwall owner. Waiting for spinnaker measurements. Owner does not have a spinnaker at this time. He is waiting for a hand me down from another Graves or delivery of a new spinnaker. Base rating of 192 remains unchanged provisional spinnaker rating of 196 will remain until measurements obtained.


2020 Certificate 14949 Glory – Freedom 45 Center cockpit TM WK, lance Ryley owner. YRALIS has issued a rating of 126 for shoal draft models of this model. The members present agreed to a provisional rating of 123


2020 Certificate 14986 – Warrior 21, 2006 Mini Transat 6.50 prototype, Griffin Spinney owner. ORC at 650 converts to 100 in PHRF this boat is at 787 in ORC. After discussion the members present agreed on a provisional rating of 108.

2020 Certificate 14981 Arethusa – 2019 Fiber Mechanics IC37 Mark Mills designer, Philip Lotz owner. Based on the design and previous models rated the provisional base of this boat was agreed on by the members present to be -9.

2020 Certificate 14941 Cepheus – 2002 Holby Marine Quest 33S designed by Roger Martin, owner Phil Hayden. This boat has been rated for a previous owner and the changes made do not affect the base. The members present agreed to assign the base of 96.

2020 Certificate 14911 La Defonce – 2018 Beneteau Figaro 3, hull #3, Laurent Givry owner. This boat is carrying an undersized spinnaker and a Code 0. The members present agreed to a credit of 2 sec for the spinnaker.

2020 Certificate 14992 Njorth Star – 1982 Albin 85 Cumulus shoal draft,owner Raterron   The spinnaker measurements suggest a credit of 6 seconds. Based on detail, provided it was recommended that Kathy Rotsky contact the owner for verification of measurements.

2020 Certificate 15040 Sachem – 1978 J24, owner Douglas Stone. Certificate indicates a headsail LP of 170% the standard adjustment to the base One Design headsail was applied. Base remains at 174. All members present agreed on this adjustment.  

2020 Certificate 14962 First Light – 2007  Class 40 designed by Owen Clarke Design and manufactured by Jaz Marine, owner Sam Fitzgerald. Base is currently -9 but there are questions regarding the spinnaker measurements. Kathy Rotsky to contact to verify for any adjustments.

***It was agreed by the members present that any credit for undersized spinnakers greater than 2 seconds will cause the owner to have a measurement certificate from a sailmaker.


V.    Old

a)      2020 Racing Season – starting up in all areas of the bay.

b)      Status of revised software for Certification reflecting new 2020 rules – this is being worked on

c)      Boats with multiple certifications – it was agreed that certificate holds can apply for additional certificates at the normal cost. The system does not allow anything other than $50.00


VI.    New Business:

a)      Mark’s question: “What does PHRF(-NB) want to be? To be discussed at future meetings

a)      ORA: VPP Enhanced PHRF ratings

b)      Sheila McCurdy, Ida Lewis Cruise Committee member and ORA has offered that ORR is available to be of assistance to PHRF-NB if we are interested.

c)      July 27th meeting - method and/or place TBD either Zoom, BYC or Doyle Sail Loft EG.


VII.    Adjournment: 8:45pm


ADDITIONAL Email discussions regarding Ratings subsequent to June meeting;

2020 Certificate Overproof – 2007 Open 30 Van Gorkom, designer, owner Tim Scanlon. These types of boats were familiar to some of the board members and after discussion via email and the water ballast of 2,259 lbs was added in the members participating agreed on a base rating of 36.

Additional information was provided by Ken Read on 2020 Certificate 14960 Alchemist- 2019 Jeanneau Sunfast 3300 hull #4 prototype, there was agreement by board members on various changes that were identified on this hull during the email exchange. The PROVISIONAL RATING was adjusted to 69 without water ballast and 66 with water ballast.

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