August 31, 2020 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NBMeeting August 31, 2020


Date:           Monday, August 31, 2020

Time:          1830


Location:    Zoom

Call to Order – 6:35pm

I.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Will Museler, Roy Guay, Bob Horton, Paul Cronin, Paul Grimes, Todd Johnston, Ken Madeiro, Moose McClintock, Randy Shore, Kathy Rotsky

II.    Approval Meeting Minutes: July 2020

III.    Appeals:

a)       none


IV.    Ratings:

a)       2020 Certificate 15247, Assai Warwick 82LK, owner Matt Hooper. The members found it difficult to find a comparable boat in our database and memory. This unique boat vacuum bagged E-glass and carbon composite hull, water tight bulkheads, teak decking, carbon rig and poles with Navtec standing rigging. It compared to a Swan 80 Selene which was rated at -75 a few years ago. It is obviously set up as a cruising boat displacing 114,860lbs with all of the amenities listed and even with a waterline of 70 feet and generous sail area it will need a good breeze to get it moving. After a lengthy discussion by the members present it was agreed that a provisional rating of -70 be assigned.

b)       2020 Certificates 14960 & 15125 Alchemist, owner Ken Read; 2020 Certificates15006 &15158 Byte, owner Robert Alexander; 2020 Certificate 15042 Low Profile, owner Chris Benzak, these 3 boats are Jeanneau Sunfast 3300s- It was agreed to re-evaluate the base rating when more race results are available

c)       2020 Certificate 15154 Celeritas, owner Sam Fitzgerald; 2020 Certificates 13596 & 14911 La Défonce, owner Laurent Givy, these 2 boats are Beneteau Figaro IIIs- It was agreed to re-evaluate the base rating when more race results are available.

d)       2020 Certificate 15268, Rigadoon, Dunning 44, owner James Grundy. This is a custom boat that replaces Mr Grundy’s Dunning 41. The members present reviewed a number of boats such as the Interlodge 44 rating -60 and Prevale rating -75. Rigadoon is a fractional rig carrying a lot of sail and it has a high righting moment. A boat that was brought into the mix subsequent to the meeting is the Cookson 50 Privateer rating -75. Rigadoon has not obtained any other rating certificates and has not recorded any race finished at this time. After a thorough discussion by the members present it was agreed that a provisional rating of -66 be assigned.


V.    Old

a)       ORA: VPP Enhanced PHRF ratings – no update on this as Sheila McCurdy has not been available

VI.    New Business:

a)       PHRF-NB Rules and Table adjustments to consider this Fall. – Board members were asked to submit rules and subjects by the September meeting that should be reviewed or considered for changing. This would enable the organization to put certificate holders on notice of possible changes

b)       Cruising headsail credit – this item was placed on the agenda by Bob Horton in response to a SIRA member wishing to drop his cruising headsail certificate and race the SIRA Fall series with newly purchased sails. After some discussion it was agreed that a certificate holder with a cruising headsail credit could drop that rating for a non-cruising headsail rating but COULD NOT use or apply for a cruising headsail credit for the remainder of the season.

c)       J/22- Motor-No Motor – this is a continuation of the One Design ratings and adherence to One Design rules that was brought up in regard to number or weight of crew on a One Design rating. This will be discussed further over the winter.

Fall 2020 PHRF items that may be consider:

A.    Small Mainsail credit

B.     Headsail not attached to forestay

C.     Roller Furl headsail credits

D.    Thru keel prop 2 & 3 blades

E.     Windward leeward buoy racing ratings and description of what we rate

F.      Editorial changes to Rules, Principles and Application Instructions, such as:

                          i.            vi. Boats rated in a One Design configuration shall comply with all applicable Class measurements. Variations shall be reported to the Rating Committee.

                        ii.            Description of our area to conform to US Sailing

G.    Website edits


d)       Sept. 28th meeting - method and/or place – it was agreed that the September meeting will take place via Zoom.

VII.    Adjournment 8:42pm

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