26 April 2021 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Minutes of Monthly Meeting


Date:           Monday, April 26, 2021
Time:          1830

Location:     Zoom


I.    Call to Order 6:37pm

II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Will Museler, Roy Guay, Bob Horton, Paul Cronin, Paul Grimes, Ken Madeiro, Vin McAteer, Moose McClintock, Mark Nannini, Randy Shore, Kathy Rotsky

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: March 2021 motion made to approve and seconded all present voted to accept.

IV.    Appeals:

a)       Terrance Arndt, Resolute, IMX 40 – Mr. Arndt appeared before the board to state his case that his rating should be changed to reflect a slower rating. Based on input from members present who are quite familiar with the boat it was felt that the change to an Asymmetrical spinnaker was not helped by the shorter sprit that was installed on the boat. After a lengthy discussion it was discovered that the base rating calculation should reflect a rating of 36 not 31. The base is being changed and Mr. Arndt will be notified.


V.    Ratings:

a)       Certificate 15395 - Solo Dream, Saffier 27 L, Peter Vessella owner, Base Rating needed – This is a new boat to the bay by a manufacturer that offers many options to the base boat. This particular boat has a single rudder, an electric sail drive and a mainsail that is subject to a penalty as well as a mainsail design that may contact the backstay. It was agreed by the members present to assign a base of 126.

b)       Certificate 155335 - Kestrel ,Catalina 30,  Mark Franklin owner, New rudder. - After a thorough review of the information presented by Mr. Franklin comparing the old rudder to the new rudder it was agreed by the members preset that an adjustment of -1 sec should be applied to the new rudder.

c)       Certificate 15514 - Kent Racing, Class 40, Timothy Kent, owner, Owen Clarke question - Do we penalize for reaching headsail? Based on the Class 40 standard sail class inventory it was agreed by the members present that since this boat will be competing with boats not in the Class 40 category that a -7 adjustment in the rating adjustments was appropriate

d)       Certificate 15464 - Dancing Bear lll, Alden Center Cockpit 50, Constantine Baris owner - Base Rating Needed. YRA has a base of 108 for this model boat. PHRF-NE has a base of 90 for this model. This boat compares to a Hinckley 51 and a Bristol 47.7. Clarification is need on whether there is an in mast roller furler. If present will apply -6 sec adjustment. The members present agreed to a base rating of 102.

e)       Certificate 15476 - Reveille Sigma 41FR, Jim Hammitt owner - Base Rating Needed. This boat has a draft of 7’3’’, a tall mast and is in fractional rig configuration, it is an imported British boat. This boat compares to a Sabre 38, Swan39.1, Sabre 40.2 and Sweden 41 which has a base of 84. It was agreed by the members present to set a base or 90.

f)                Certificate15495 - Bully Circus Farr 30 EVO, Buster Pike, owner, removed diesel engine and sail drive, replaced with outboard engine and added fixed bowsprit. The owner states that this boat has a standard rig but his measurements are off to the standard boat. - Owner will be contacted and asked to confirm measurements.

g)       Certificate 15384 - Dark Star E-32-2, Pete Levesque owner – Substantial modifications have been made and are supported by pictures. The boat will be weighted and an official measurer will be present. ECSA has a issued a rating of 65. This boat was formally known as Bluto and Ken Madeiro is quite familiar with the previous modifications. It was agreed by the members present that this is now a custom boat based off an Evelyn 32 hull and that a base rating will be issued once new measurements are received.

h)        Certificate 15371 - C’est Bon - Beneteau Sense 50, Carl Metz owner, Debora McKeon is upset about the boats rating.  Please refer to the end of the agenda. (Headsail credit removed in 2019). - Based on previous review of this boat it was agreed that the rating adjustments are correct.

VI.    Old

a)       Water Ballast rating certificate vs adding shorthanded rating on cert. - The members present agreed that there is no change to the base rating for the water ballast option. It was brought to the attention of the committee members that certain certificate holders have removed the water ballast system. Alchemy has reported that change and will receive an adjustment of -1 sec.

b)       J-Boats delta between J121 to J122 (2 boats in queue) – no action required.

c)       Graves Constellation – Letter of Concern and processing certs (6 boats in queue) The Graves have appeared since 2016 as a concern to racers in the upper bay with 3 formal appeals of their ratings and 2 recent anonymous letters of concern. Based on input from various members, review of performance over the years and technical comparisons to J24s and J30s the members present with Bob Horton and Moose McClintock recusing themselves voted to change the base ratings for the Graves Constellations to 186 from the current 192.

d)       Status of website modifications and estimate of applications going live

e)       Boats needing spin measurements in queue 13

VII.    New Business:

a)       Auxiliary Meeting May 10th - Zoom and/or place – members present agreed to this meeting

b)       Meeting May 24th - Zoom and/or place – members agreed to meet via Zoom

c)       Peter Becker- Young American Campaign is requesting 3 gratis certificates from the committee this year. He thanks the committee for our previous support.  Carried over.

VIII.    Adjournment – 9:23pm

Submitted by Bob Horton



IX.    > Hello Kathy,

We submitted our renewal for 2021 based on the 2020 rating.  Last year we protested the 2020 rating of 61/75 because the prior year rating of 2019 was 62/76 and 2018 was 76/96 a differential of -14 and -19 seconds per mile.  This rate change was due to a change in the keel from Shallow Draft to Standard Draft.  The change in the keel should have resulted in a change of -7 1/2 seconds per mile.  The actual adjustment was -14 to -19 seconds per mile.  Last year we were told they would look at the 2020 race results before granting any adjustment for 2021.  The change was brought about in 2019 because we changed the keel.  Now that we are renewing the certificate and you have our race results from 2019 and 2020.  We expect you will reconsider the rating based on the correct rating adjustment for our keel. 

I hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.

Deborah McKeon



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