24 May 2021 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NBMeeting AgendaMay 2021



Date:          Monday, May 24, 2021
Time:         1830

Location:   Zoom


I.    Call to Order 1830

II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Paul Cronin, Todd Johnston, Ken Madeiro, Vin McAteer, Moose McClintock, Randy Shore, Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: April 26, 2021  Motion made and seconded to approve April minutes, motion passed

IV.    Appeals:

a)       None

V.    Ratings:


a)       2021 Certificate 15759, Bella Vela, Beneteau Oceanis 45 SD, Anthony Costanzo, owner. - Many cruising amenities came factory ready and feels his rating did not account for this added weight. Todd Johnston indicated that this boat has in mast furling. Comment regarding main furler needs to be added in comments section. A provisional base rating of 105 with all allowable adjustment applied was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

b)       2021 Certificate 16004, Red Herring, Goetz Custom 55, Steve Clark, owner.- A change from a symmetrical spinnaker to an asymmetrical spinnaker results in a large adjustment. Will Museler to review previous rating and suggest how to handle this certificate.

c)       2021 Certificate 15545, Wink, Graves Constellation 29.5, Gregory Anthony, owner. Owner has submitted headsail and main measurements that need verification as well as other modifications that are not clear. Kathy Rotsky to contact for more information. Hold off on base rating until all information is clarified. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

d)       2021 Certificate 15676, Firefly, Bridges Point 24, Samuel Goldblatt, owner. Owner is reporting an undersized mainsail and a reduction of his headsail to 100%. Base rating will remain at 240 and appropriate adjustments will be applied. This action was voted and approved by the members present.


e)       2021 Certificate 15700, Dorade, S&S 52 Yawl, Matt Brooks, owner. – The design of this boat was to carry a large amount of sail, the owner is registering a 91% headsail for this certificate. A provisional base rating of 45 with all allowable adjustment applied was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

f)        2021 Certificate 15802, Camelot, Brenta 38, Jonathan Litt, owner. After a review of the design and the comps for this boat a provisional base rating of 45 with a 90% headsail was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

g)       2021 Certificate 15849, Artemis, Grand Soleil 37, J&J Design, Garrett Titmas, owner. Regression comparison comes up with a base rating of 118, Long Island has rated this boat at 87. It compares to a Bavaria and Choate 40. The range of high and low base was 88 to 111. A detailed review of the boat by the members present agreed that a base rating of 111 was appropriate for this boat as submitted.

h)       2021 Certificate 15775, Audacious, Pearson Flyer, Kenneth Madeiro & George Lima owners. - Rating adj

i)         2021 Certificate 15384, Dark Star, E-32-2 - Mod- Peter Levesque, owner. Owner submitted a rough drawing of the new sail drive compared to the previous unit. It was agreed by the members present that this is not and Evelyn 32-2 but only the hull of an Evelyn 32-2  of agenda, scroll down for drawing. The boat has a listed weight of 4,725 lbs. and many carbon fiber components. A provisional base rating of 72 with all allowable adjustment applied was suggested. This action was voted and approved by the members present.

j)         2021 Certificate 15878, Different Drummer, Cape Bay Fast 40, Ryan Treat,owner – This is basically a custom boat with numerous modifications. There has been weight movement to the keel and keel modifications as well as changes to the sail plan. There are questions regarding the measurements that the owner has provided that will need to be clarified. Untill all questions are responded to the members present voted to hold off issuing a base rating.

VI.    Old Business:

a)       Graves Constellation discussion. The letter from Will Museler to the Graves owners has been distributed.

b)       Request of sailing non-profits for gratis certifications; PHRF-NB procedures/requirements? Limit to number of certs? 

1.    Peter Becker- Young American Campaign is requesting 3 gratis certificates from the committee this year.  Committee agreed to provide 3 free certificates.

c)               Bob McLaughlin Letter on end of agenda. – The basis for the letter will be reviewed to clarify the ratings of the boats in question and reported back to the members.

VII.    New Business:

a)       Meeting - June 28th:  Zoom and Bristol Yacht Club



VIII.    Adjournment – 9:15pm




Letter from Bob McLaughlin/ Owner of Blue Devil C&C 110

Hi Kathy.  I hope you and Mark are doing well.

 Are you still working with PHRF-NB?

 We were registered to race the Prett Gladding today (didn't make it, engine wouldn't start due to a very dumb error on my part..., ugh!), but I was very surprised to see the non-spinnaker handicap listed for MoonDog, a C&C 115, rated at 106.  (Blue Devil, a C&C 110 with her 98% jib non-spinnaker is rated at 110.)

 The C&C 115 is generally rated ~15-17 seconds faster than the C&C 110.  (I have a 2016 US Sailing PHRF Fleet Handicap book that lists the average of all clubs reporting being 66 for the C&C 115 and 82 for the C&C 110.  These ratings of course are for the full 155% headsail and spinnaker, but how do two similar designed boats that rate that far apart spinnaker end up so close when rated non-spinnaker?  Can you see anything relevant in either the 115's rating our ours that would cause the numbers to converge so much?




Letter from Roger Lowlicht/ Dark Star

Please forward the following information to the chief measurer and members of the committee so they can fairly rate Dark Star
Roger Lowlicht

To NBPHRF Committee

1. Weight = # 4710.
This was obtained on a scale that was calibrated in December to be +/- 10 lbs. we took two measurements and averaged them
Bruce Kuryla ( a member of the ECSA PHRF committee was present for the entire weigh in process ( truck/trailer/boat minus truck/trailer). He also inspected the entire interior to certify that the boat met the required condition

2. A Torqueedo 4.0 FP has been installed. Compared to a sail drive, the lateral plane areas are about equal
However, in crosssection ( resistance thru the water) the Torqueedo has 26% more area

3. We removed all of the carbon rigging and replaced it with rod. This from Chuck Poindexter ( Sound Spars) who did the rod rigging:

“The difference in weight from your carbon shrouds to the new rod shrouds with some SS fittings is 12lbs.”
This represents a 10-12% increase in rig weight as the rig weighs all up #110

I hope this helps you make a determination of rating. We are looking to participating this summer

Roger LowlichtRoglowlicht@snet.net

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