27 Januar, 2021 PHRF-NB Annual Meeting Minutes

 Performance Handicap Racing FleetNarragansett Bay (PHRF-NB)  2021 Annual Meeting Minutes

DateJanuary 27, 2021
Attendees:  PHRF-NB Board and Committee and guests
e:  1830

Location:  Zoom Meeting


I.    Call to Order -1830

II.    Roll Call – Don Kern, Will Museler, Roy Guay, Bob Horton, Paul Grimes, Todd Johnston, Ken Madeiro, Vin McAteer, Moose McClintock, Mark Nannini, Kathy Rotsky                                                                                      Guests – B. Kneller, EC Helm, M. Sentl, F. Roy, T. Grimes, N. Sollecito, N.Brach, M. Zani, M. Rotsky, S. Mattos

III.    Minutes of the January 2020 annual meeting voted to be approved, seconded and approved

IV.    Treasurers Report – presented by Roy Guay, motion to approve the minutes was seconded and approved

V.    2021 Officer nominations submitted for approval, seconded and approved

Officers nominated with committee approval.

a)               Commodore – Don Kern

b)              Rating Chairman – Will Museler

c)               Treasurer – Roy Guay

d)              Secretary – Bob Horton

VI.    Proposed Changes for 2021 Season presented by Commodore Kern

a)               Updating of Definitions.

b)              Continuation of rating adjustments for sails based on Sail Area rather than SPL or JC and Girths, etc., which now includes adjustments for sails smaller than the boat’s standard.

c)               Clarification of Roller Furler Credit (+3) and Cruising Headsail Credit (+6).

d)              Adjustment to Reaching Headsails (Flying Headsails) Table F. the adjustment has gone from a range of 5 - 10 sec/nm to 2 - 7 sec/nm.

*Question from the floor from B. Kneller, does any rule change potentially change a rating? Response by W. Museler, yes particularly for any credit to a rating where a measurement is required.

* Per Commodore Kern the 2021 rules will be re-formatted to include a table of content indexed to be able to select and go to a specific section


*Noted that in 2021 rules the Cruising Headsail Credit if dropped during the season cannot be reapplied for or re-instated

* Question from the floor from B. Kneller, can the updated rules be set up to reflect past changes? Response from R. Guay that this had been done in the past and we will look at ways to implement this feature again.

*Question from the guests, can the application process change the payment to the end of the new certificate application from the beginning. Response from R. Guay that we will look into this again but it is a more complex change than imagined.

* Question from the floor from F. Roy regarding rigging material. Response from W. Museler the current rules state that there is no penalty for wire or rod standing rigging. Any specialty material should be disclosed in the comments by the applicant.

VII.    Proposed Changes for 2022 Season

No specific items were discussed under this topic.

VIII.    Open Discussion

Question from the floor from S. Mattos, hydraulic head stay cylinders are not addressed in the current rules what are the thoughts of the committee on this. Response from M. Nannini that the rating committee will look at each certificate and judge the impact of such an option and rate it accordingly.  

Question from the floor from M. Zani, is the committee looking at providing ratings that would include wind speed? W. Musler responded that PHRF-NB is investigating different options but a key would be if race committees would be interested in adding more complexity. A suggestion from the floor, M. Rotsky, was to use time-on-time instead of time-on-distance for greater accuracy.

IX.    Adjournment

The 2021 Annual Meeting was adjourned at 1925

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