29 March, 2021 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes March 2021


Date:          Monday, March 29, 2021
Time:         1830

Location:   Zoom

I.    Call to Order – 6:30pm

II.    Roll Call: Don Kern, Will Museler,  Bob Horton, Paul Cronin, Paul Grimes, Todd Johnston, Ken Madeiro,  Moose McClintock, Mark Nannini, Randy Shore, Kathy Rotsky

III.    Approval Meeting Minutes: February 2021 Unanimously approved by members present

IV.    Review Draft of 2021 Annual Meeting - tabled

V.    Appeals:

a)       Dudley Johnson/ Darris Whitman, Prevail -Tripp 65 – Darris Whitman represented the owner Dudley Johnson.2020 base was -75, sailed at -70. Sails are in good shape for racing, normally sails with a crew of 9 which is a good number to race the boat. Mr. Whitman compared Prevail to LAURA a R/P custom 60 which has a base rating of -59 and sails at -60. A great amount of information was provided to support the appeal. After a long and through discussion the members present agreed to adjust the base rating to -63. Will Museler will notify the owner of the decision.


b)       Mark Sertl-Das Blau Max, Farr ( Mumm) 30 – Mark Sertl appeared before the committee to present his case that his Farr 30’s “provisional rating” should be reviewed and brought in line with other PHRF areas that had the same wind conditions. His opinion was that the base rating for Das Blau Max should be 54. A review of his sail inventory showed that in years it was quite old but Mr. Sertl stated that they were in good shape for beer can racing. A review of the results from 2020 show performance that was consistently in the top 3rd of the class Das Blau Max competed in. After a long and through discussion the members present agreed to leave the base rating at 51. Will Museler will notify the owner of the decision.



VI.    Ratings:

a)       David Tabor, Dianthus, CS Merlin - prior to the meeting the questions on this boat were resolved and a provisional base rating of 126 was assigned for 2021

b)       Alfred Van Liew, Odyssey, S&S 47 (!964) Merlin - prior to the meeting the questions on this boat were resolved and a provisional base rating of 132 was assigned for 2021


VII.    Old

a)       Status of website modifications and estimate of applications going live – registrations to go live in 2 weeks.

b)       Water Ballast rating Certificate vs adding shorthanded rating on cert.

c)       J-121 water ballast rating discussion request by Jeff Johnstone a continued discussion on the issue of water ballasted boats and if there is a way for PHRF-NB to qualify a rating for the J-121 which according to Jeff Johnstone would sail with 7 crew using water ballast or a crew of 11 without using water ballast. The committee has reviewed the difficulty in establishing separate rating and has decided to only issue 1 rating for the J-121 and let Race organizers establish crew vs water ballast adjustments.


VIII.    New Business:

a)       Sail Clinics and form/instructions almost ready to be announced with a few tweeks.

b)       Meeting April 26th - Zoom and/or place TBD

c)       Anonymous complaint on Graves fleet modifications – the committee agreed that they are not happy to receive anonymous complaints but agreed to address the issues in the letter and notify the owners of the Graves Constellations of the items being presented to the committee and asked the Graves Constellation owners to report any modifications that they have performed in accordance with the rules of PHRF-NB.  Copy Will Museler’s letter attached.

d)       Blackwing- Stuart Knockabout, Non Spin Adj the 2021 certificate for this boat has changed by 12 sec compared to 24 for previous years due to the new system correction a previous issue.

e)       Serendipity- Freedom 30 SD, ISP? This boat does not fly spinnakers so no measurement needed.

f)        Saffier 27L- Need rating https://www.phrf-nb.org/node/15395  this is a daysailer with a below deck roller furler and electric sail drive. More research to establish a base rating by next month

g)       Dark Star-E32-2 Mod- Discuss modifications Edit PHRF Certificate Dark Star | PHRF of Narragansett Bay (phrf-nb.org) Carried over to April meeting  Carried over to April meeting

h)       Gamecock IC-37- What is the standard main? We are already adjusting the calculation. Edit PHRF Certificate Gamecock | PHRF of Narragansett Bay (phrf-nb.org) Carried over to April meeting

i)         C’est Bon- Debora McKeon is upset about the rating.  Please refer to the end of the agenda. Edit PHRF Certificate C'est Bon | PHRF of Narragansett Bay (phrf-nb.org) Carried over to April meeting

j)         Thru Keel, 3 blade solid.  Is there any adjustment? Not listed in the rules. To be reviewed.

k)       Corvus-Morris Justine 36 SD Edit PHRF Certificate Corvus | PHRF of Narragansett Bay (phrf-nb.org)

He installed an articulating pole. Asym retro install adjustment? Carried over to April meeting

IX.    Adjournment; at 9:32

Minutes submitted by Bob Horton

d.  2020 certificate breakdown by rating:


Here is some information from the 2020 certificates file that I sorted down

I'm comfortable with the accuracy of my sorting and resorting files


Bob H.


Rating range


# certs






















































# Roller furler certificates               +3         118


# Cruising headsail credits             +6           49


Number of boats with 2 certificates        15 boats = 30 certificates



> Hello Kathy,

>     We submitted our renewal  for 2021 based on the 2020 rating.  Last year we protested the 2020 rating of 61/75 because the prior year rating of 2019 was 62/76 and 2018 was 76/96 a differential of -14 and -19 seconds per mile.  This rate change was due to a change in the keel from Shallow Draft to Standard Draft.  The change in the keel should have resulted in a change of -7 1/2 seconds per mile.  The actual adjustment was -14  to -19 seconds per mile.  Last year we were told they would look at the 2020 race results before granting any adjustment for 2021.  The change was brought about in 2019 because we changed the keel.  Now that we are renewing the certificate and you have our race results from 2019 and 2020.  We expect you will reconsider the rating based on the correct rating adjustment for our keel. 

>     I hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.

> Deborah McKeon

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