29 November, 2021 PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes of November 2021 Meeting

Date:            Monday, Nov 29, 2021

Location:      Zoom

I.            Call to Order: 6:45pm

II.            Roll Call: Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Paul Grimes, Committee Member, Todd Johnston, Committee Member; Ken Madeiro, Committee Member; Kathy Rotsky, Administrator

III.            Approval Meeting Minutes: Motion made and seconded to accept and approve the minutes of the September 27, 2021 meeting. Members present voted in favor.

IV.            Ratings Review Request:

a)   Graves, Mike Zani;  Structural Furlers - Roller Furling Credit, A request was sent to the committee to allow a credit of 3 seconds for structural roller furlers. Members present voted to deny Mike Zani's request with Bob Horton abstaining. The current rule is intended to encourage cruisers to race not provide a credit to boats set up for racing.

V.            Provisional Ratings Review:

a)        Gleam, 12 meter – PHRF-NB will wait for the class response before establishing PHRF ratings on 12 meter boats

b)        Certificate 16004 - Red Herring, Goetz Custom, Dave Hubbard owner, current base rating is 10. Will few 2021 race results members present agreed to leave the base rating at 10.

c)         Certificate 13477 - Luna, Friendship 75, Joe Cleverdon owner. Base rating is -12. As the rating has previously been adjusted the members present agreed that there should not be any change

d)        Discussion regarding the C&C 30 sport boats will be carried over to the next meeting. 

VI.            Old

a)             Communication with US Sailing and proposed agenda to US Sailing;  Will update, that in speaking with US Sailing they have promised to work on the PHRF side of US Sailing.

b)             Final review of proposed changes to:

i)           Rules for 2022 and change summary, Attachment A  - review of changes and corrections made.

ii)          Principles of Narragansett Bay PHRF, Attachment B – reviewed by members present.

iii)         Roller Furling & Cruising Headsail Credits Explained, Attachment C – reviewed by members present

iv)         Rig Measurements and Definitions – reviewed by members present

VII.            New Business:

a)        Annual Meeting: January 25 (Tue) 2022 - Zoom and/or Bristol YC.

VIII.            Adjournment: 8:10pm

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