January 2022 PHRF-NB Annual Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Annual Meeting Minutes January 2022

Date: January 26, 2022
Attendees: PHRF-NB Board and Committee as well as PHRF-NB members and stand-ins
Time: 1830
Location: Zoom Meeting

I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call – Don Kern, Commodore Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Todd Johnston, Moose McClintock, Ken Madeiro, Vin McAteer, Kathy Rotsky PHRF-NB Administrator

PHRF Members in attendance; EC Helm, Nick Bowen, Bill Kneller, Mark Rotsky, Skip Mattos, Jonathan Nye, Chadwick Dickson, Nick Brachet, Paul Grimes, AB K Kaebel Representing Tim Grimes, Tripp Alyn representing Coasters Harbor

III. Approval of 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes. Motion Made, seconded and approved to accept the 2021 Annual Meeting minutes

IV. Treasurers Report – Roy Guay Motion Made, seconded and approved to accept the annual treasurers report.

V. Nomination of Officers

Officers nominated with committee approval.

a) Commodore – Don Kern

b) Rating Chairman – Will Museler

c) Treasurer – Roy Guay

d) Secretary – Bob Horton

Motion Made, seconded and approved to accept the slate of 2022 officers.

VI. Proposed Changes for 2022 Season


Both Redline changes and changes implemented versions.

Motion Made, seconded and approved to accept the updated version of the principles.

b) Updating of PHRF-NB REGULATIONS; Definitions alignment and order of appearance as found in certificate application. Both Redline changes and changes implemented versions.

Commodore Kern submitted an oral change that would be reflected in the class/model of a boat that would place a – (dash)in the description: Example C&C 34 - MK3

Bill Kneller asked if the model of a boat could appear as a dropdown. Roy Guay, Don Kern and Will Museler agree that this is a good idea but with the potential for upgrading or converting the existing platform it is best to but this on the future enhancements list.

VII. New Business – There was no new business submitted by those in attendance.

VIII. Open Discussion and Questions – the topic of support for PHRF by US Sailing was brought forth. Based on the Meeting at the Conanicut YC it was noted that the Olympics are a focus for US Sailing along with inclusivity and training. There was no mention of PHRF until the question portion of the meeting at which time the US Sailing speakers verbally stated that US Sailing fully supports PHRF and its mission. It was noted that there has been significant personnel turnover at PHRF and there may be financial issues as well.

Commodore Kern spoke with Jim Teeters in November regarding support for PHRF from US Sailing and has not heard back.

Bill Kneller also mentioned the turnover as a contributing issue at US Sailing

Alex Kaebel indicated that he felt PHRF-NB was doing a good job and was a well-run organization. He also stated that he understood US Sailing was undergoing personnel changes.

The question of when 2022 registrations would be available was addressed by Roy Guay who stated March was the target date.

IX. Adjournment – no further questions prompted a motion to adjourned which was seconded and approved.


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