2024 PHRF-NB Membership/Rating Certificate

This certificate expires on April 30, 2025, or upon change of ownership, whichever comes first.

Certificate status: Published

29 39
Spinnaker Non-Spinnaker
Administrative Data
Name:Beau Van Metre
Address:Privacy Protected
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Yacht Club:NYYC
Yacht Name: Running TideSail Number: 4444
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Manufacturer: Wolter HuismanModel: S&S 60 CTM (Running Tide)
Hull Serial Number: Date Manufactured: 1969
Other Ratings: ORC(GPH 526.6 & CDL 13.102), ORC Test 2021 w/A2, ORR Test 2022, and PHRF Of The Chesapeake ( Base Handicap 3)Date Last Rated:
Boat Measurements
I: 81.49J: 21.98LOA: 60.5
P: 77.36E: 24.11LWL: 46
ISP: 84.31SPL: 21.98Draft: Max 9.58
Py: Ey:
Beam: 14.26Displacement: 54500
Rig Type: SloopRig: Fractional
Keel Weight: 24000Keel Material: Lead
Composite Rigging: yesOther Ballast: yes
Mast Material: CarbonSpinnaker Type(s): Asymmetrical
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Tacked To: bow
Engine: InboardProp. Type: Folding
Prop. Install: Exposed ShaftRudder: Skeg
# of Blades: 3Keel: Fin Keel
Headsails to be used (LP%)
Headsail 1144
Headsail 2107
Headsail 3
Headsail 4
Mainsail Measurements
Spinnakers to be used
Spin # JC SMG Foot Luff Leech
Spin 123.7837.540.4582.678.2
Spin 223.7846.4642.6791.681.67
Spin 323.7830.540.382.479.7
Code 0
Headsail Credit: Roller Furling

2021 Base Rating of 13 for boat in current configuration--WJM
2022- Increased spin size adj +2. lead pigs 3700 lbs. Carbon Rig -1., Revision #1 Changed spin #2. Undersized +5.
2024- Asym retrofit area -4 plus Asym retro install adj. +13=+9

Committee Use Only
PHRF #: 18287
Base Rating13 Non-Spin Adj.19
Genoa Spin Adj.3 Genoa Non-Spin Adj.3
Mainsail Adj.2 Furling Adj.3
Spin. Area Adj.9 Whisker Pole Adj.0
Prop. Adjustment0
Mast Adj.0 Misc. Adj.-1
Committee Signature Date
Katherine Rotsky 2024-06-03