19 October 2022, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

October 2022


Date:            Wednesday, October 19, 2022

                    Gulfstream Bar & Grille, 1 Lagoon Rd, Portsmouth

Time:           1830

Location:     Zoom

  1. Call to Order: 7:00pm
  2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Todd Johnston, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Randy Shore, committee member, Matt Smith, committee member Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator
  3. Approval Meeting Minutes: Minutes of September 26, 2022 meeting approved by members present.
  4.  Appeals:
    1. None
  5.  Ratings:
    1. None
  6. Ratings Review: The members present agreed that the following boats should be reviewed to insure that the rating assigned is as accurate as possible based on 2022 race results and other input as appropriate


16993 Simon Milne Beneteau First 27 Benutii
16364 Michael D’Amelio Judel Vrolijk 66 Denali
17044 Jon Desmond Mills 41 Final Final
16326 David Wilson Beneteau First 27 SE Hawksbill
16992 Richard Fleischman Pogo 36 MH Liberty
17047 Peter McClennen C&C 30 ODR Nyabinghi
17066 Oakcliff Sailing Reichel Pugh Z-86 Oakcliff OC86
16914 Alfred Van Liew /David Brodsky X-50 Odyssey
17076 Scott Weisman, Sjambok  Invest Reichel Pugh 45 Pterdactyl
16929 Gordon Fletcher JPK 45 Take Two
16480 Jack Lefort Eggemoggin 47+ Tink
16335 Gary Venable Freedom 30sd Serendipity
16370 Paul Koch Camden clas Knockabout Ponyo
16763 Dudley Johnson Marten 49 Pugilist
  1. Old Business:
    1. None

VIII       New Business:


  1. a) Will Museler is a consultant to the Ida Lewis YC and will be providing analysis of and for the 24 hour race in 2023
  2. b) US Sailing continues to be unresponsive to our inquiries and attempts to interface concerning PHRF
  3. c) Membership is slightly down for the year 2022
  4. d) Members present agreed that the $50.00 annual certificate fee should continue.
  5. e) The option of investing in VPP software was presented to the members present and voted to look at    the benefit and cost of software.
  6. f) Meeting November 28th – members present voted to meet via Zoom


IX      Adjournment: 8:45pm