Frequently Asked Questions

PHRF-NB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page   P.G. 8/20/17

Hull Questions

Can I fair my hull, keel and rudder without a rating penalty?

Yes, as long as you do not change the standard shape of your hull or appendages, or violate class rules if you are rated as a one-design, you can fair and prepare them to a high level.  When in doubt, check with the rating committee.

Can I race without my cushions?

Yes, there is no rating penalty for racing without cushions.

Can I remove the V-Berth, or other internal structures, from my boat?

You can, but that should be reported to the PHRF committee for a possible rating adjustment.

Rig Questions

Are inhaulers allowed without a penalty?

Yes, you can rig up your own inhaulers to pull jibs inboard, or use outboard leads to pull jibs outboard.

If I switch from standard wire rigging to dyform or rod rigging, do I need to report it?

Yes, that should be reported to the rating committee for a possible rating adjustment.

If I switch to high-performance halyards and sheets, is that something I need to report?

No, you can use whatever you want for halyards and sheets.

How about spinnaker poles? If I switch from an aluminum pole to a carbon pole, do I need to report that?

No, your spinnaker pole can be made from any material.

If I’m racing with a non-spinnaker rating, can I use a spinnaker pole or whisker pole to wing my jib?

Yes, as long as the pole is not longer than the “J” measurement on your boat. Any pole longer than J will incur a penalty.

Sail Questions

Can I use a staysail without a penalty?

Staysails are not penalized on boats sailing with their spinnaker rating as long as they are smaller than the largest rated jib/genoa used on the boat.  When used on a boat sailing with a non-spinnaker rating, they must be reported for a possible rating adjustment.

My boat came with symmetrical spinnakers. Can I also use asymmetrical spinnakers without a penalty?

There is no penalty for using asymmetrical spinnakers as long as you do not change the length of your spinnaker pole or add a sprit to your boat.  If you intend to use an asymmetrical spinnaker tacked to your bow only (also not using a symmetric spinnaker), with no pole or sprit, you may get a credit (+2 to +14) to your rating. Also, in addition, your rating may change based on the area of the asymmetrical spinnaker compared to the standard symmetric spinnaker for your boat.

Is there any restriction on sail materials?

No, sails are rated based on size, but not on materials. One exception is the for genoas that receive the Cruising Headsail Credit.  See the full explanation here:

Crew Questions

Does my rating include any limitations on number of crew or crew weight?

No PHRF NB does not restrict number of crew or crew weight.  This applies even if you are racing with a rating based on a One Design configuration.

Can I get a rating for sailing singlehanded, doublehanded, or with any limited number of crew?

No, currently, all ratings are based on sailing with a full crew.  In shorthanded races, all boats are then sailing with a similar “disadvantage.”


If I am a boatbuilder (or dealer) with a new boat to be rated, or one I have just modified extensively, can I attend a Rating Committee meeting to give a presentation on the boat?

Yes, please contact with your request.  We often have multiple boats to be rated at any one meeting, so we ask that presentations be concise, and include a written summary to be handed-out to the committee members.