24 April 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

April 2023

Date:           Monday, April. 24, 2023
Time:          1830
Location:     Zoom

  1. Call to Order:
  2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member;  Mark Nannini, committee member;  Randy Shore, committee member;  Matt Smith, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator
  3. Approval Meeting Minutes: members present seconded voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the March 2023
  4. Appeals: None
  5. Ratings Review:
    1. 2023 Certificate 17210 Ellementary, SVP L30, Diane Reid owner. This boat model has an ORC base of 54 and compares to a Farr 30 with an ORC rating of 51 base. It is rating with a non-overlapping headsail. The mainsail on this boat is 290.6 sq. ft. while the ORC certificate has it at 293 sq. ft. It carries an asymmetrical spinnaker of 882 sq. ft. as the standard. After discussion the members presented voted to assign a provisional rating of 51.
    2. 2023 Certificate 17197 Fearless, Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300, Phil Haydon, owner. This is the boat formally named Alchemist that was previously rated with a base of 63. After discussion the members presented voted to assign the same base rating of 63.
    3. 2023 Certificate 17216 Cookie Monster, Salona 380, Stephen Hale, owner. The owner provided ratings from PHRF Chesapeake showing a rating of 75/78 and an ORC rating of 597.7 which the members considered to be suspect. Chesapeake rates a J35 at 72 and PHRF-NB rate a J35 at 75. This boat compares to a J35. YRALIS rates this model at 78.It compares to an X382. After discussion the members presented voted to assign a provisional rating of 81.
    4. Question as to whether a J-46, should receive a roller furling credit. After discussion the members presented voted to assign a roller furling credit to J-46’s if reported on the certificate.
    5. 2023 Certificate 17221 Corvus, Morris 36 Justine SD, Chris Terajewicz owner. There are 3 of these models registered. Corvus has a tall mast but a Sheel shoal draft keel. After discussion the members presented agreed that the base of the shoal draft should be used and adjusted for the tall mast a provisional rating of 165 was assigned.
    6. 2023 Certificate XXXXX Saltydog, Tartan 3700 WK, This is the winged keel model which compares to the Tartan 37-2 which has a base of 129. The standard keel model of this boat has a base of 106. This boat is sailing with a 110% headsail. After discussion the members presented voted to assign a provisional rating of 118.
    7. Morris M36 and Morris MSD, discussion of Morris models that were rated incorrectly. The boat Pearl was rated as a shoal draft in 2019 but is not a shoal draft and has not submitted a 2023 certificate request. It was determined that all Morris shoal draft models are currently rated correctly.
    8. 2023 Certificates 17246 & 17421 Leonessa, Baltic 42 DP CB, Raymond DeLeo owner. Replaced rudder, see below email and photos. After discussion the members presented agreed more research on the weight difference is needed to determine if any adjustment is required.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Roy’s update on status of new web page from his March discussions. A punch list of items to address is being prepared. The developer suggests that the database be moved to a different server and this will be done shortly.
  7. New Business:
    1. Rating of Bloopers – 2023 Certificate Mischief, Sequin 40CTM, Dave Schwartz, owner found a blooper and question if he lists the sail will there be an adjustment to his rating? Will will check other PHRF sites to see how these are handled.
    2. May meeting will be on the 22nd – via Zoom
  8. Adjournment: Motion made and seconded to adjourn at 8:36pm and passed on vote.



Dear Ratings Committee,

Concerning my PHRF-NB renewal application I noted that my original fiberglass rudder built by Baltic Yachts in Finland was changed to a carbon fiber one. The reasons for doing so were precipitated by being struck and broken beyond repair (see IMG_7251, 6219 & 6290 attached) by a pilot whale on 6/30/22 on the return trip from Bermuda following the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race. Shortly after arrival and hauling at the Hincklety facility in Portsmouth I began seeking proposals for a replacement first from Baltic Yachts learning that it would be cost prohibitive to have one fabricated and shipped from Finland, then GMT in Bristol who wouldn’t fabricate one in fiberglass, only carbon fiber and would not remove the broken one or install a new one, Hinckley Yachts were too busy and did not give me an estimate.


I contacted Moore Bros., also located in Bristol, and was advised that a fiberglass one would cost almost the same as a carbon one due to there being more labor costs and not be as strong as a carbon fiber one. I was also interested in returning my vessel to service as soon as possible in an attempt to salvage what was left of the season. Moore Bros. were also going to remove the old rudder and then install the new one after fabrication. They had the original specifications from Baltic in their computer system and w measure the old rudder to verify the information.


In the interest of time and the fact that the new rudder would be the same exact dimensions as the original but stronger made my decision easier. I have attached pictures of the original broken rudder (IMG_6109) and the new one (IMG_7259).


It should be noted that any additional weight savings are miniscule when compared to the 27,000 LB vessel with the addition of AC, electric winches, two refrigeration systems, etc. since the vessel was first launched and weighed. It should also be noted that my 2023 PHRF-NE and 2023 ORR ratings did not change as result of the new rudder.


It is hard enough for older heavier built vessels such as mine to compete against more modern, lighter vessels on the shorter in shore and coastal race courses without having the burden a being penalized for such a minor change in weight.


Please feel free to contact me if your committee is in need of any further information or clarifications.


Best regards,

Ray DeLeo