24 January 2024, Annual PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet
Narragansett Bay (PHRF-NB)

2024 Annual Meeting

DateWednesday, January 24, 2024
Attendees:  PHRF-NB Board and Committee
e:  1830
Location:  Zoom Meeting at East Greenwich Yacht Club

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call – Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, Committee Member; Todd Johnston, Committee Member; Vin McAteer, Committee Member; Mark Nannini, Committee Member; Mathew Smith, Committee Member
  3. Approval of 2023 Annual Meeting Minutes – Noted that the date on the 2023 minutes was incorrectly presented as 2025. Correction made.
  4. Treasurers Report – presented by Treasurer Roy Guay. After discussion the treasurers report was accepted as presented.
  5. Nomination of Officers – The offices listed were approved on a voice vote by those present.
    Officers nominated with committee approval.

    1. Commodore – Don Kern
    2. Rating Chairman – Will Museler
    3. Treasurer – Roy Guay
    4. Secretary – Bob Horton
  6. Proposed Changes for 2024 Season – the items listed here were accepted with changes noted.
    1. There are no changes proposed to PHRF-NB Regulations 2024 from last year’s 2023 regulations
    2. PRINCIPLES OF PHRF OF NARRAGANSETT BAY, change to subparagraph 3 Associate Membership is presented for approval:“3.3  Associate membership is open to any person who has a genuine interest in furthering the objectives of PHRF-NB.
      a)  For an organization involved in youth sail training an Associate membership may be considered by the Executive Council with approval of up to three (3) certificates at no cost.”The proposal of this change to section 3.3 was approved.
    3. Board Meetings dates adjustment: to coincide with heavy volume of requests for certificates.
      1. Annual meeting: third Wednesday of January
      2. February through May & September through November: Last Monday of month at 1830
      3. June through August: second and last Monday of month at 1830 to 1930.
  7. PHRF-NB discussions with US Sailing – on their lack of support to the regional PHRF organizations:US SAILING has failed to support the regional PHRF organizations in many areas that were found to be useful in the past.  Specifically, since Fall of 2022, PHRF-NB has been asking for the following actions in our meetings with US Sailing:
    • VPP help on new designs looking for ratings
    • Facilitate meetings on a national basis so that regions can collaborate
    • Expand the online tools available and have tutorials on how to implement them
    • Update the “PHRF Handicaps Book” listing with new boat models, built after 2017
    • Access to the boat data on US Sailing for all regions.

    The impact of not paying was discussed, since it appears there is an option to not pay membership dues currently available to the regions.  It was noted that insurance for local level US Sailing race officials, is no longer available.
    It was agreed that Rating Chairman, Will Museler, will draft a letter to US Sailing explaining that PHRF-NB will be withholding dues payment until answers to our questions and updating of the Handicap Book.
    Also, noted was the lawsuit that US Sailing has initiated against AMERICAONE, INC.

  8. Open Discussion: Moose McClintock has submitted a request to re-join the board of PHRF-NB which was unanimously agreed to by the board.Additions to the PHRF-NB platform are being worked on these include: test certificates, connecting Mail Chimp to our database, archiving of revised certificates, and the switch between units of measurement (US standard / metric).It was also decided by the committee that if applicant does not include all requested data to complete their certificate, their application fee will be forfeited.
  9. Adjournment: Motion made to adjourn, seconded and passed.