24 May 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2023

Date:           Monday, May 24, 2023
Time:          1830
Location:    Zoom


  1. Call to Order:^:30pm
  2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator.
  3. Approval Meeting Minutes: A motion was made to accept the April 2023 minutes as presented, a seconded was made and members present voted to accept the minutes
  4. Appeals: None
  5. Ratings Review:
    1. 2023 Certificate Swan 55 CC TM, Haerlem, was withdrawn as the boat sustained damage in a fire.
    2. Rating adjustments for J109 Mainsail. The adjustments for the J109 and J105 have been added to the website calculations.
    3. 2023 Certificate 17320 – Dufour 45e Performance, Lark, Jason Walsh owner. This boat compares to a J46 base rating 39 and a Grand Solei 45 rating 39 or 45-2 base rating 45. This is a deep keel tall mast. Regression calculates to 46 After discussion the members present voted to assign a base rating of 42.
    4. 2023 Certificate 17374– Saffier 24L, Sorpasso, Peter Vessella owner. This boat was compared to a variety of other boats such as an Olson 25, Melges 24, J24, J80, J30, and Soling. Members viewed the promotional information available online showing a deep keel with a bulb, below deck furler, carbon mast, square top main. After discussion the members present voted to assign a base rating of 141.
    5. 2023 Certificate XXXXX – 30 Sq. Meter, Bijou II, Chris Bouzaid owner. After reviewing the draft certificate and after discussion the members presented voted to request additional information regarding this boat and the modifications that are believed to have been omitted from the certificate. Kathy Rotsky will call the owner to obtain this information. Subsequently the owner withdrew his request for a certificate and his $50.00 was refunded.
    6. 2023 Certificate 17418 – Stellar 53, Dovetail, Stellar 53 (S&S Design built by Davie Norris and Christchurch, New Zealand) Bill Barlow owner. This is a center cockpit boat that compares to a Passport 51 which has a base rating of 96. It was also compared to a Gulfstar 50. After discussion the members present voted to assign a base rating of 90.
    7. 2023 Certificate 17443 – C&C 110, Makai, Ted Hood owner. Owner submitted a detailed description of the change in the size of the mainsail. This change falls under our normal adjustments. After discussion the members present voted to assign a base rating of 78 and the noted adjustments would be applied. The owner also asked for a review of his rating against other boats he competes against. The members present will have Kathy Rotsky notify Ted Hood that he should file an appeal of his rating to have a review.
    8. 2023 Certificate 17513- Dehler 42, Ohana, Ken Wisdom owner. 42, Discrepancies in the basic information provided need to be clarified, particularly the JC & SPL. This is a design with a non-overlapping jib and below deck furler. It has a tall carbon fiber mast but listed standard draft which also needs verification. It was compared to a Frers 45. If the information requested is verified the members present voted to assign a base rating of 48.
    9. Expedited Certificate XXXXX – XP44 Sonrisa, XXXXX YRALIS rates these models at 21.  It was noted that these are faster than a J44. This is a deep keel version with a standard rig and an asym. It also compares to a J133 which has a true sprit. Roy did a comparison to the J133 and calculated 10 while compared to the J44 the XP compared to 24 and overall 17 to a range of similar boats. Agreed to base of 21 via email documentation.  (I don’t find a certificate on file for this boat)
    10. Clarification of 2022 certificates 16326 the Beneteau First SE Hawksbill and certificate 16993 First 27 Benutii was confirmed via email review and Beneteau First 27E removed from the database.
  6. Old Business:
    1. Roy’s updated the status of new web page from his April discussions. The programmer has been very responsive to making changes and corrections such as the J109 & 105 mainsail calculations. A number of the fixes that Roy submitted have been implemented. Roy noted that some expedited requests are not deemed as necessary but boat owners have been willing to pay extra for the service.
    2. Youth Sail Training certificates fee. The limit of three (3) free certificates will be added to the PHRF-NB Articles and presented at the 2024 annual meeting for a vote
    3. Rating of Bloopers – 2023 Certificate Mischief, Sequin 40CTM, Dave Schwartz, question if he lists the sail will there be an adjustment to his rating? It was agreed by the members present that Mischief would not have any rating adjustment for their 2023 certificate if they chose to fly this sail.
  7. New Business:
    1. East End (Long Island Sound) ORC This was the review of the article that Will Museler sent out to the board. The options and reasoning behind the change noted were discussed along with some pros and cons of using ORC. PHRF-NB is not currently looking to suggest this as an option for our certificate holders.
    2. Boats not carrying a spinnaker onboard are receiving a spinnaker rating. A decision was made by the members present to eliminate the spinnaker rating for boats that do not supply spinnaker measurements. A discussion of Freedoms able to use the Hoyt gun mount spinnaker system and Nonsuch boats did not alter the decision to only provide spinnaker ratings that provide measurements.
    3. Next Meeting June 26th – Zoom
  8. Adjournment: 8:42pm