25 January 2023, Annual PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

2023 Annual Meeting


Date:          Wednesday, January 25, 2025

Time:         1830

Location:   Bristol Yacht Club and Zoom


Call to Order 6:35pm

Roll Call – Don Kern, 2022 Commodore; Will Museler, 2022 Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, 2022 Treasurer;  Bob Horton, 2022 Secretary; (via Zoom) Ec Helme, 2022 Committee Member; Todd Johnston, 2022 Committee Member; Vin McAteer, 2022 Committee Member; Mark Nannini, 2022 Committee Member; Matt Smith, 2022 Committee Member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator (via Zoom)

Members present: Trisha McElroy Conanicut YC & Goat Island YC, Bruce Cox, Bristol YC, Buster Pike, Twenty Hundred Club, David Schwartz, Bristol YC, Timothy Grimes NYYC & Sail Newport and Twenty Hundred Club, Mark Rotsky, Bristol YC

Approval of 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes. Motion Made, seconded and approved to accept the 2022 Annual Meeting minutes.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer Roy Guay presented 2022 Financial Report including certificate tracking (copy attached) Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the 2022 annual treasurers report.

Nomination of 2023 officers –                                                                                        Commodore – Don Kern                                                                                                             Rating Chairman – Will Museler                                                                                            Treasurer – Roy Guay                                                                                                           Secretary – Bob Horton

Proposed Changes for 2023 Season:

a) Re-hosting of the existing PHRF-NB Website to a new vendor. Major change will be the payment process which will take place at the end instead of the start of the certificate.  The system will convert metric measurements to standard measurements. There will be an option to opt in or out of other organization emails with a list of accepted 3rd PHRF-NB will send out information for NBYA when asked and appropriate.  Plan is to be live on the new platform by April 1, 2023

b) Minor updating of PHRF-NB Regulations: Any changes will be to clarify or correct existing information. The conversion adjustment for symmetrical to A-symmetrical spinnakers is being reviewed.

New Business: Questions were asked from the floor as to whether a trial certificate option would be available. Currently phone calls are received by Kathy Rotsky asking what if’s for hypothetical changes and these take time and effort to ascertain if a rating adjustment will be applied. Because of the nature of these inquiries it is difficult to create a software solution that could accurately handle these times of scenarios. Such an option was not included in the design request with the new vendor.

Mark Nannini reminded everyone that PHRF is not a Gran Prix rating system and there are automated limitations to the capabilities of local PHRF groups. The Committee will investigate the automation of the appropriate tables into application process.

Open Discussion: Thanks were extended to the individuals who attended the meeting.

Adjourned at 7:05pm