25 July 2022, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NBMinutesJuly 25, 2022

Date:          Monday, July 25, 2022

Time:         1830

Location:   Zoom

  1. Call to Order: 1830

  1. Roll Call:  Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Randy Shore, committee member; Kathy Rotsky PHRF-NB Administrator

III.        Approval Meeting Minutes: Minutes of June 2022 minutes approved by members present

  1. Appeals:
  2. a)      C&C 30 Randy Shore provided an excellent overview of the EOS program which is in memory of Edward Oliver Sanchez who has passed away and it is intended to promote youth sailing. Kings Point and Sail Newport are both supporting the program in various ways and degrees. Currently there are 3 C&C 30’s in the EOS program and 2 other C&C 30s that race in the same group/class. The documentation that was submitted for the rating appeal was reviewed and various questions asked by the members present were answered by Randy Shore. After a 45 minute review is was agreed by a majority of the members present to adjust the C&C rating by 6 seconds for a new base of 48.
  3. Ratings:
  4. a)      2022 Certificate #16954 Mills 41, Final Final, Jon Desmond, owner. A long discussion regarding what model Mills 41 this really was and if the boat had been known by any other name at some previous time resulted in the data provided by the owner being used to determine a provisional base rating of -30 by the members present.
  5. b)      2022 Certificate #16967 Shannon 50 Staysail Ketch, Besa, John Fuller, owner. PHRF-NE has this model at a 114 base. A review of the boat as described in the certificate resulted in the members present voting to assign a provisional base rating of 120
  6. c)      2022 Certificate #16990 – McCurdy and Rhodes 48, Carina, Rives Potts, owner. The certificated was thought to be in need of clarification on certain details such as Draft and J measurements. LI Sound has a rating and ORC lists the boat as rating equivalent 50 while IRC rates it equivalent 62. Kathy Rotsky will contact the owner for clarification on our questions so that a base rating can be assigned. Members present agreed to this action.
  7. d)      2022 Certificate #16992 – Pogo 36, Liberty, Richard Fleischman, owner. A thorough review of the details of this boat included viewing pictures of the same model on line and comparing it to a Farr 40 fractional rig which currently rates 8. The boat carries a quarehead main and the hounds have been increased by 3 feet.  Of 2 existing boats that carry ORC certificates, 1 is a masthead and the other fractional. It was decided that due to the hounds being moved 3 feet that PHRF-NB would designate this boat as a masthead. The boat has a lifting keel that would not appear to be used while racing. After a thorough review it was agreed by the members present to assign a provisional rating of 6.
  8. e)      2022 Certificate #17002 – Hallberg Rassy 44, Callisto, Deric Hetzel, owner. This boat has non-overlapping headsails and a masthead kite. It carries a Code 0 that will have a -7 adjustment to the base rating. This model boat falls into comparisons with boats that have a range of 66 to 115. It compares favorably to Sense 60 which rates 66 spinnaker and it was also compared to a J109 which rates72. It is registered to race in the Solo Twin. The members present agreed to a provisional base rating of 72.
  9. f)       2022 Certificate #17008 – Baltic 56-03, Runaway Bunny, Ben Mackay, owner. This boat has non-overlapping headsails and compares to various known boats such as White Rhino a Swan 56 rating -26, Irie -57, Preval -46, Pugilist a Martin 49 at -39, No spinnaker measurements were provided so the certificate will not be issued until those are received. The members present agreed to a provisional rating of -30 that will be assigned once the spinnaker measurements are and taken into account to assign the sailing ratings.
  10. g)      2022 Certificate #17014 – Italia98, Christopher Dragon XII, Andrew Weiss, owner. These models have been doing very well in Europe over the past few years. The model won Key West and placed 1st in class in Bermuda. An ORC of 590 converts to 40 in PHRF. The boat was compared to a Taylor 41 rating 52 and it could also compare to an IMX40 or XP 38 or a J122. It was noted that the E measurement is off and may be 17.55 not 11.48 as owner listed. This will be confirmed by Kathy Rotsky. The members present agreed t a provisional rating of 45.
  11. Ratings Review:
  12. a)      2022 Certificate #16909 – Swan 48-2- Dragon.  There was no update by Matt Smith of the review of the information provided by Hugh Balloch to determine if any action should be taken regarding a rating adjustment.

VII.        Old Business:

  1. a)      Communication with 6 Square on finalization on contract of update to PHRF-NB website. Progress is being made on the move to 6 Square and dates for testing are being finalized.

VIII.     New Business:

There was feedback from various sources that the 2022 rating on certificate #16480, Tink an            Eggamoggin 47 of 60 was favorable based on the 8 race performance at the NYYC Regatta. A review       by the committee on this boats performance lead to a decision that a more realistic and accurate rating       would be a base of 36 and with adjustment sailing at 32. It was obvious to the committee that an adjustment should be made. It was agreed that a special meeting would be called after the owner of          Tink was notified that a change was being considered. Will Museler would be notifying the owner            that we reviewed his performance to our initial rating and felt justified in making and adjustment.

Subsequent to this meeting and Will Museler’s call to the owner, the owner had no objection to a      rating change ot a new base of 36.

Meeting August 29th – Zoom

VIII.        Adjournment: 2124