25 September 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

September 2023

Date:          Monday, September 25, 2023
Time:         1830
Location:   Zoom

I.  Call to Order: 6:40pm

II.  Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman;  Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ken Madeiro, committee member;  Mark Nannini, committee member; Matt Smith, committee member; Ec Helme, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.  Approval Meeting Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the August 28, 2023 with updates was unanimously passed.

IV.  Appeals:

  1. 2023 Certificate 17581 – Botin GP 42 Carkeek Partheners, Settler, Tom Rich, owner appealing. Very thorough documentation was presented by Mr. Rich detailing his ORC and IRC ratings and comparing to newer similar boats. Although this was the 1st full season of racing and the boat is still awaiting new sails Mr. Rich felt his rating is not consistent with similar boats and Greg Stewart of Nelson Merick Yacht Design provided a review and calculated a PHRF of -36. The members present thanked Mr. Rich for his submission and documentation and he left the meeting. The members then reviewed his performance at BIRW against the IC37 which rate -9. The conversion program for IRC ends up at -35 and the conversion for ORC ends up at -57. A comparison to Temptation a Ker 50 which rates     -39 was also considered. It is noted that the largest adjust to the current base of-45 is under spinnaker area where Settler caries Asymmetrical as well as a Symmetrical spinnakers. The members present agreed to a provisional rating of -30 which ends up as a sailing rating of -40.

V.  Follow Up Ratings Review:

  1. 2023 Certificate 17675 – BENETEAU 35s5 TM, Breathless, Anthony Boitano owner. This boat was given a provisional base rating for the tall mast version of 117 in August but we are still waiting for final sail measurements.
  2. 2023 Certificate 17845 – Arey’s Custom 22, XFC, Robin Davis owner. This boat was previously rated with a provisional base of 238.
  3. 2023 Certificate 17851 – AARLUUK, 2000 legendary Herreshoff Bounty, Stephen Frary owner. After a thorough discussion the members present agreed to a provisional base of 64.
  4. 2023 Certificate 17862 – Benediction, Oyster 46, Philip Cabaud owner. After a thorough discussion the members present agreed to a provisional base of 114.
  5. 2023 Certificate 17876 – Jax, Brooklin Botin 43 CTM, Collin Leon owner. After an initial discussion the members proposed a provisional base of 23. However, regression calculates this boat to -3. Comparing to Melges at -42 or Settler at -30 and Tink at 36. After a thorough discussion the members present agreed to a provisional base of -21.
  6. 2023 Certificate 17877 – Black Watch, S&S 68 Yawl, Kyle Dufur owner. After a thorough discussion the members present agreed to a provisional base of 23.

VI.  Ratings Review:

  1. Boats to be reviewed, Winter 23-24 candidates. The list compiled by Commodore Kern will be reviewed over the winter.

VII.   Old Business:

  1. Roy’s update on status of new web page from his 6Square
  2. Base Handicaps / Standard Boat listing 1,980 models (237 models not found within the US Sailing list). Also need method/macro to add measurements to Standard Boat list.

VIII.  New Business:

  1. For programming purposes the mainsail table doesn’t cover what to do if the size is beyond the limits; -20% and +20%. To be reviewed over the winter.
  2. Adjustment for Hoyt boom; a smaller sail, more weight and less range of adjustment. To be reviewed during the winter.
  3. Meeting Oct. tbd – Availability on 10/24/23 of The Gulf Stream Bar and Grille will be checked by Kathy.

IX.  Adjournment: Adjourned at 8:36pm