26 June 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 26, 2023

Date:           Monday, June 26, 2023
Time:          1830
Location:     Zoom

    1. Call to Order: 6:40pm
    2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer;  Ken Madeiro, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Randy Shore, committee member; Matt Smith, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator
    3. Approval Meeting Minutes: May 2023 minutes, members present seconded and voted to accept as presented
    4. Appeals: Non3
    5. Ratings Review:
      1. 2023 Certificate 17669 – Botin 45, (BP-Botin Partners) Azulito, Rob MacMillan owner. This model is similar to the Botin 44 only 800mm longer. The Botin 44 rates -60, it compares to a Carkeek 47 rating -75, RP 60 Laura rating-60, Irie II rating -57. The 45 has a bigger rig and spinnaker. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 63 pending mainsail girths being provided.
      2. 2023 Certificate 17513 – Dehler 42, Ohana, Ken Wisdom owner. At previous meeting discrepancies in the basic information needed to be clarified, particularly the JC & SPL. The information was received as requested allowing the base rating of 48 to be finalized and assigned by the members present.
      3. 2023 Certificate 17417 – Farr 30, Das Blau Max, Mark Sertl owner, reported an increase displacement of 249kgs (11.8%) without specifying the location of the added weight. The members present asked that Kathy request the information with pictures, drawings or sketch along with the previous ORC stability rating to be compared to the new submitted rating.
      4. 2023 Certificate 17685 – Beneteau First 36.7, Five East, Ed Adams owner, increased JC and ISP. The prod on the boat has been extended and the SPL is different than a production. The spinnaker is class sized but 4 feet higher than standard, this conversion gets a 13 second credit and it was agreed that the extended prod get a -2 second adjustment. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to accept these adjustments.
      5. 2023 Certificate 17648 – Moody DS45, Liberty, Ryan Yost, owner. Regression calculations come out as 62. This boat was compared to Hanse 44.5, Beneteau Oceanis 461 and Moody 45AC. It has a masthead asymmetrical spinnaker tacked to the bow roller. The leech measurement for the spinnaker needs to be requested along with the ISP measurement. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 81 pending the missing measurements being provided.
      6. 2023 Certificate 17649 – Valiant 50, Miss Red, Victor Pinheiro, owner. This certificate has measurements that appear inaccurate. The owner has a New England certificate with the same measurements. It appears that this is actually a standard Valiant 50, as such is was compared to similar boats. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 105 pending missing/actual measurements being provided.
      7. 2023 Certificate 17661 – Cape 31, Sailing Inc. 1, Martin Kullman, owner. This is a new certificate for PHRF-NB. 2 of these boats raced at BIRW rating 9 and finished 4th & 5th respectively for the week with a known boats Tink taking 1 a Farr 40, 2 and Irie 3. Observations noted that they sailed upwind with the IC37 and downwind with the C&C 30’s. They were sailed by professionals. Regression calculated a rating of 18. This is a new boat looking to establish a fleet in New England with class measurements. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 12
      8. 2023 Certificate 17688 – Tartan 4300, Grace, Paul Norton owner. Regression calculates as 77. Questions came up in reviewing other Tartans with various configurations in our base ratings have very similar ratings. This boat was compared to a 41C Dehler rating 93 base, Sabre 42.6 rating 81 base and Sabre 45.2 along with a Baltic 42 centerboard with87 base. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 87.
      9. 2023 Certificate 17696 – HH 42, Jigs Up, Wes Pelland owner. This is a boat previously rated at -21 base. The boat has been modified and the new configuration was described with some significant changes. Regression calculates at -47 ORC rating convert to -55. After discussion by the members present voted unanimously agreed to look at the modifications and do a more thorough review before issuing a new base rating.
    6. Old Business
      1. Roy’s update on status of new web page from his discussions with Dan. Standard measurements for class main numbers are now automated. Roy to review emails to update other items under discussion.
    7. New Business:
      1. When an owner reports specifications that we can determine are in error, case in point; Alerion 28 or a 28-2. Will has contacted owner and determined that based on the builder number the displacement of the boat in question was incorrect. This will be corrected and a new certificated issued at no cost.
      2. Will’s detailed a call from Jay Tyson“ to chat about the next generation of VPP supported PHRF ratings. Works with both ORC & ORR and is essential free.” This is new program that seems to start in the right direction but may be influenced by less than stellar individual boat performance.
      3. FYI that North Sails has purchased Yacht Scoring.
      4. Meeting July 31 @ 6;30pm – Zoom
    8. Adjournment: