27 February 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2023


Date:          Monday, Feb. 27, 2023

Time:         1830

Location:   Zoom


        1. Call to Order: at 6:32pm
        2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore;  Will Museler, Rating Chairman;  Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, committee member; Ken Madeiro, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member;  Randy Shore, Committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator
        3. Approval Meeting Minutes: Motion made and seconded to accept the November 2022 minutes as presented, members present unanimously voted to accept.
        4. Review Draft of 2023 Annual Meeting minutes – members present agreed that no changes to the 2023 annual meeting minutes were required other than the correction to attendance of the board members.
        5. Appeals: Pugilist, Martin 49, 2022 certificate 16763, skipper Darris Witham represented owner Dudley Johnson. Formerly Summer Storm. Pugilist has a base rating of -45 and sails at -39 spinnaker. Mr. Witham reviewed the performance of Pugilist in comparison to other with established ratings that they had sailed against in 2022 the 1st year this boat was companied. A number of supporting documents were submitted with the appeal. Mr. Witham indicated that he believed an adjustment of 3 seconds bringing the base to -42 would make Pugilist more competitive. Mr. Witham was thanked for his time and was told that a notification of a decision on the appeal would be hopefully made this week. The committee then went on to discuss this appeal and compared Pugilist to Watermark a Hinckley B50 base of -36 and Outlier a Botin 55 base of -36. The biggest concern of the members present was the lack of substantial, meaningful race results. A motion was made and seconded to leave the rating at -45 and indicate that for 2024 a review with more race results would be helpful in rating this boat. The members present voted for leaving the base at -45 with Randy Shore abstaining.
        6. Ratings: Review Request:
          Glenn Walker, JV-66, Denali, 2022 certificate 16364 base of -124 – a request for the impact of increasing the sprit 10% and an increase in the size of the largest spinnaker by 5.8% and the main by 3.675% was accompanied by an ORC test certificate reflecting the changes. Upon review of these changes and the appropriate charts it was agreed that the sprit would reflect a -3 sec adjustment and the main would reflect a -1 sec adjustment resulting in a base of Johnathan Banks, Sunfast 3300 – an email was received from Jonathan Banks at Bluenose Yacht Sales in reference to the Sunfast 33’s currently rated by PHRF-NB providing ORC certificates for Alchemist and Byte specifying various measurements. This lead to a review of the current measurements for each of the Sunfast 3300 rated by PHRF-NB which identified differences between boats and what PHRF-NB using the manufacturers information had on file. Will Museler will contact Jeanneau to obtain the manufactures specifications for the dimensions of these boats. In addition Marshall Bailey of Kingdom Marine acting on behalf of Jonathan Banks, requested the committee supply the rating impact of lengthening the sprit on a new owners Sunfast 3300. This request will be followed upon when manufacturer’s measurements are obtained. Members present agreed to this course of action.
        7. Ratings Review:
          1. Certificate 17047 – C&C 30 Nyabinghi – 2022 base 48 no action reviewed November 2022
          2. Certificate 17066 – Reichel Pugh Z-86 – Oakcliff OC86– 2022 base -114 no action reviewed November 2022
          3. Certificate 16914 – X50 – Odyssey – 2022 base 6 this boat has been previously discussed and the members agreed that the performance issue that the boat experiences is due to the conversion to an asymmetrical spinnaker and the tactical decisions used. There is also discussion of the XP50 and X50 differences. A motion was made and seconded to leave the base and adjustments as is for the 2023 season. Will Museler will revisit the adjustment chart for converting from a symmetrical to an a-symmetrical spinnaker.
          4. Certificate 16480 – Eggemoggin47+ – Tink – 2022 Base 36. It was agreed in November to look at the rating of Tink once again. Based on the performance of this boat in its 1st year of competing and the adjustment previously made a motion was made to adjust the base rating by 3 seconds, the motion was seconded and the members present voted unanimously to a base of 33 for 2023.
          5. BRISTOL 39/40 K Incognita 2020 Base159 or Mirari 2020 Base 168 it was noted that the rating for Mirari should have reflected that the boat was reconfigured to a yawl and the base should be 159. The system will be updated to reflect this.
          6. HERRESHOFF S Boat base 203 vs HERRESHOFF S Boat ODR Base 204 – the owners of S boats agreed on a base of 203 and the PHRF-NB committee will rate them as such. Change due to different size of mainsails.
          7. MORRIS M36 2020 Base 159 vs MORRIS M36 SD 2021 Base 123 (heavier with Wing Keel) a discrepancy in the 159 rating of the Morris M36 was discovered and it was agreed to change the base to 123. Members present agreed to this change for 2023
          8. TARTAN 37 SD 2019 Base 147 vs TARTAN 37-3 SCHEEL 2023 Base 123, US Sailing 124. a discrepancy in the 147 rating of the Tartan 37SD was discovered and it was agreed to change the base to 123. Members present agreed to this change for 2023.
        8. Old Business:
          1. Update on status of new web page. Roy has spoken with them and they believe the new system will be ready by April 1st. Roy will be meeting with them on February 28.
          2. Add Graduated costs: $50 new Cert, $25 Change to Cert, $100 new Cert or Change within 5 days of requirement the number of days for a new Cert or Change was agreed by the members present to be 7 days in place of 5 days.
          3. Rename drop down “Rating Rules” to “Rules & Instruction”, New sub-drops “Rating Rules”, “Appeals” add Appeal Guidance, “Principles of PHRF-NB” and “Instructions & Guides”. These minor changes will be submitted.
          4. Corrections will be made to the database. Listing of consistent model nomenclature with their base rating as described above for 2023 certificates Roy mentioned mentioned that we should implement the base rating for these boats as another column in the model nomenclature table so it can be used in at least two situation: Base Ratings display (ala PHRF-NE) and for calling up in the certificate rating table.
        9. New Business:
          1. Consistency of our ratings with “as designed / class rules”. Members present agreed to follow as designed for the base.
          2. Policy discussion on outside organizations requesting their Flyers/Notices be sent out using our email list. PHRF-NB provided a one-time list of certificate holders to NBYA.
          3. Meeting March 27th – Zoom and/or place. To be decided on availability of members and locations.
          4. Vin indicated the East Greenwich will be hosting a seminar in the same format as 2022 with all sailing groups invited to speak/present their programs on March 25, 2023. Will Museler will present for PHRF-NB
          5. Next meeting March 27, 2023 6:30pm Zoom or tbd.
        10. Adjournment: 8:25pm