27 June 2022, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes


Date:            Monday, June 27, 2022

Time:           1830

Location:     Zoom

  1. Call to Order:6:42pm

  1. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore: Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, Committee Member; Vin McAteer, Committee Member;  Randy Shore, Committee Member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.        Approval Meeting Minutes: May 2022, Clarification needed:

Boats that carry no spinnaker, should they be receiving a spinnaker rating – it was agreed by the members present that the standard measurements would be plugged in if no measurements are supplied even if the owner states no spinnaker on board.

Notes from the May meeting were read and the members present agreed with the wording as written.

  1. Appeals:

It was mention by Randy Shore that a ratings appeal for the C&C 30’s should have been received. Research by Roy Guay and Kathy Rotsky identified a problem within the system that did not alert them to the appeal even though the required fee had been paid. The appeal will be presented to the members for review at the July meeting.

  1. Ratings:
  2. a)       2022 Certificate #16799 – Borrensen BB-10, Snow Petrel, George Wilson Lovett owner. This boat compares similarly to an Abbot 33 which Will Museler believes sails to its rating while Vin McAteer believes the Abbott has a soft rating of 126. After much discussion the members present agreed to a 2022 provisional base rating of 129.
  3. b)      2022 Certificate #16890 – Grand Soleil 42 LC, Mango, Roger Shepley owner. This boat was compared to a J46 and J133. After much discussion the members present agreed to a 2022 provisional base rating of 48.
  4. c)       2022 Certificate #16905 – CTM 41, After Midnight, Paul Jeka, owner. The members present discussed whether this was actually a boat named High Noon. After review it was determined that this was a different boat based on sail numbers and ORC as well as IRC data. After much discussion the members present agreed to a 2022 provisional base rating of -18 after rig information is received that compares to known data..
  5. d)      2022 Certificate #16929 – JPK 45, Take Two, Gordon Fletcher, owner. This boat was compared to a J46 at base 39 and a Beneteau 37.7 with various ratings between 24 and 30. After much discussion the members present agreed to a 2022 provisional base rating of 54 if ISP is provided that allows the calculation of all factors..
  6. e)       2022 Certificate #16931 – Eight Meter, Angelita, Samuel Croll, owner. This is a classic wooden boat with a traditional underbody Regression shows a 96 rating, CT-PHRF has one at 111 an old PHRF-NB rating was 159 which members agreed was way off. After much discussion the members present agreed to a 2022 provisional base rating of 111 which puts it in the same range as a J29.


VI         Ratings Review:

  1. a)       2022 Certificate #16909 – Swan 48-2- Dragon, Email attached below.  Hugh Balloch requested a review post modification to his boat.  Matt Smith will be asked to review the information provided to determine if any action should be taken regarding a rating adjustment

VII        Old Business:

  1. a)    Communication with US Sailing and proposed agenda to US Sailing. There has been no response to the inquiries that Will Museler or Roy Guay has submitted.
  2. b)    Changes and updates to PHRF-NB website.
  3. i)        Roy Guay has not received any response from Erik about feasibility and cost
  4. ii)      A proposal from 6 Square to provide web services was received and reviewed 6 Square is based in Newport and provides services to the Newport YC. Newport YC is satisfied with the service and product provided to them by 6 Square. It was voted and approved by the members present to move forward to hire 6 Square to develop a new website and convert our existing website data.

VIII      New Business:

  1. a)      Meeting July 25th – Zoom

Adjournment: 8:30pm

Email from Hugh Balloch regarding Swan 48-2, Dragon

I am writing to give the background to the recently submitted rating renewal for our Swan 48 Dragon.

As we are aging less gracefully than our Swan, we have decided to refit the boat with a cruising oriented rig from Offshore Spars. The mast and electric furling boom is fabricated from carbon. The standing rigging remains stainless rod rigging. A slight change from the original Swan specifications the mast height was increased slightly to create a 15/16ths rig with the mainsail hoist about a foot above the headstay attachment. This facilitates top down furling and snuffing of the spinnakers without hanging up on the headstay furling mechanism. No change was made to any of the headsails or spinnakers we use. The old main had a small panel added to the bottom and the luff curve cut out to accommodate the furler and mast luff tape feeder. The new P and ISP numbers provided by our naval architect advisor Jason Black (copied on this email) have been submitted with our renewal form.

While the mast is carbon and therefore somewhat lighter, the new carbon boom is substantially heavier than the aluminum one it replaces as it has a separate mandrel that rolls down the sail and several electrical components to operate the roller mechanism. The mainsail is no longer adjustable along the foot other than by starting to roll in a kind of “flattener” reef.

Additional changes were made to increase cruising comfort and spousal happiness including two electric heads replacing old Blake manual ones. An upgraded Harken 46 electric mainsheet winch that has a reverse function, replaces the electric Lewmar 54. All new B&G 5000 series instruments and Simrad autopilot uses the same hydraulic ram and motor so I doubt there is any weight change associated with that; but our SSB has been removed.

If there is any additional information the Committee would like, please feel free to reach out to me or Jason and we will provide what we can.

Hugh Balloch