28 August 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2023

Date:          Monday, August 28, 2023
Time:         1830
Location:   Zoom

I.  Call to Order: 6:50pm

II. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Ken Madeiro, Committee Member; Vin McAteer, Committee Member; Mark Nannini, Committee Member; Randy Shore, Committee Member; Matt Smith, Committee Member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.  Approval Meeting Minutes: members present made a motion and seconded to accept the July minutes as presented.

IV.  Appeals:
a) 2023 Certificate 17278 – Freedom 30 SD, Serendipity, Gary Venable, owner appealing 2023 PHRF-NB rating. Mr. Venable presented his case using comparisons to various other PHRF-NB rated boats such as Catalina 30’s, Nonsuch 30’s and Pearson 30’s. He had a lot of data and reviewed how well his boat is prepare including his sail program and bottom cleaning schedule. He indicated that he sails with a crew of 2. He also reviewed the scoring process for the Jamestown YC series that he races in where he normally races every race in a series. He is in a non-spinnaker fleet with a rating band of 110 to 290. Mr. Venable was thanked for his presentation and told that his rating will be reviewed and he will be notified of the Committee’s decision this week.

The members presented began a detailed discussion and review of this appeal. It was noted that on a long course with reaching legs this boat can do well but on a windward leeward course it will not do as well. This past year in the JYC Series the wind was much lighter than in past years which would affect this boats performance. Although this is a shoal draft boat the crew never gets on the rail. Mr Venable would like his sailing rating to be 209 the members present noted that his non-standard jib was never identified in his presentation. The members present agreed to change his base rating to 193 which would result in a sailing rating of 203 replacing his existing sailing rating of 199.

2023 Certificate 17417 – Farr 30 Das Blau Max, Mark Serti, owner filing a technical appeal. Mr. Serti was asked by the committee to provide details of the increase of 249 kg in the weight that is described in his appeal where 89 kg is in the form of ballast Mr. Serti described adding and including, bottom paint, electronics, batteries, a bilge pump, a solid boom vang and a halyard making up the added weight. He indicated that much of what he is doing is to obtain a more favorable rating under ORC which in 2024 will hold a major regatta that he will compete in. Mr. Serti was thanked for his presentation and told that his rating will be reviewed and he will be notified of the Committee’s decision this week.

The members presented began a detailed discussion and review of this appeal, it was noted that modifying a boat to improve another rating system such as OCR does not necessarily have the same effect on PHRF. The items detailed by Mr. Serti as adding weight are normal items that any boat owner might add or improve on while prepping a boat to race. The members present agreed to an additional 1 sec adjustment for the added ballast to bring the total adjustment for weight to 2 seconds. The base rating of the boat will not change and remains 51.

V.  Follow Up Ratings Review:

a)  2023 Certificate 17675 – BENETEAU 35s5 TM, Breathless, Anthony Boitano owner. The standard height mast for this model is rated at a base of 129 but upon review it was agreed that the standard mast model of the Beneteau 35s5 should be 123. The only difference between the standard and tall mast are the normal measurement differences. It was agreed to apply the 6 second adjustment for the tall mast on this boat which sets the base rating at 117. The members present agreed on the base rating of 117.
b) 2023 Certificate 17771 – Cherubini 48, Victoria, Richard Sammons owner. Numerous attempts to contact Mr. Sammons for the measurements needed to rate this boat have failed and the members present agreed to cancel this certificate and refund the application fee to Mr. Sammons and thank him for applying for a certificate.

 VI.  Ratings Review:

2023 Certificate 17820 – Beneteau Oceania 51.1, Hot Pocket, Angelo Bianco owner. Regression application calculates a rating of 46 for this boat. This boat was compared to C’est Bon a Beneteau Sense 50 which was previously rated at 60. Various other Beneteaus in the same size range were reviewed that showed a range between 50 and 60 as their base. The members present agreed a base of 54 for this boat.

2023 Certificate 17826 – Island Packet 439, Ripple, Roger Nuss owner. This is a new model identified as having a solent rig. The most forward sail on a roller furler is listed as a 150% and the inner headsail on a club foot boom is listed as 90%. This is hull number 16 of this new model. The members present question whether the forward sail is a code zero or a reaching genoa. To tack this sail it would need to be furled 1st and then unfurled. The regression program calculates to 127. It was compared to other Island Packet models of 38, 40, 420 and 45 which are cutter rigs. After a lengthy discussion the members present agreed on the base rating of 144.

VII.  Old Business:

a.  Roy’s updated on status of changes on the new web page from his 6Square All committee members can now see the comments for certificate in the queue. The base handicaps can now be viewed and changes are allowed. Commodore Kern will review and update the 3 sources that we have for base handicaps, dates of updates will be associated with changes.
b. Roy reported that the treasury currently has a balance of approximately $30,000.


VIII.  New Business:

a)  Randy Shore indicated that he has been receiving calls from Dudley Johnson owner of Pugelist but has not spoken with him. Randy is not sure why he is calling but suspects it may be in regards to the rating of the boat. A previous review of the performance and rating vs. boat sailed at the same level of skipper and crew indicated solid performance but when competing against higher caliber crews and skippers Pugelist is not as competitive.
b)  November meeting location to be at the Gulfstream in Portsmouth. Kathy Rotsky to check on dates and member availability.
c)  Meeting Sep 25th – will be on Zoom

IX.  Adjournment: