28 November 2022, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

November 2022


Date:          Monday, November 28, 2022
Time:         1830
Location:   Zoom

  1. Call to Order: 6:35pm
  2. Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore;  Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, committee member; Todd Johnston, committee member; Vin McAteer, committee member; Mark Nannini, committee member; Matt Smith, committee member;  Kathy Rotsky PHRF-NB Administrator
  3. Approval Meeting Minutes: The members present voted to approve the October 19, 2022 minutes
  4. Appeals:
  5.  Ratings:
  6. Ratings Review:
  1. a) Certificate 16326 Beneteau First SE Hawksbill

                Certificate 16993 Beneteau First 27 Benutii

A letter form David Wilson to Roy Guay prompted an in depth discussion of the 2 boats differences and similarities. Numerous searches of the internet and other PHRF areas revealed a plethora of information but none that indicated how many 27SE models were built. The owner of Hawksbill has owned and raced   a Catalina 36 with little success, racing in the Wickford weeknight series and the Solo Twin and also the Bermuda race. The move to a sport boat was described as a might leap for most sailors. Hawksbill had filed an appeal in May 2022 asking for review of his original rating of a base of 84. His appeal was successful and adjustment to 90 was made. Hawksbill raced this season in Jamestown which has windward leeward courses and the 27SE has not been competitive on such courses. A number of ratings for the Seascape 27 and Beneteau 27SE were provided by the owner to support his recent letter. After reviewing the Beneteau First 27 to the Seascape 27 and Beneteau 27SE it was agreed that the First 27 is very different compared to the other two. The 27 SE was compared to the J-92 with a base of 96, J92S base of 96 and Melges 24 base of 99. It was agreed by the members present that a new base of 96 for the Beneteau 27SE, a new base for the Seascape 27 of 99 and a new base for the Beneteau First 27 of 111 should be recorded for 2023

  1. b) Certificate 16364 – Judel Vrolijk 66 – Denali

The only results in 2022 were from the Safe Harbor Regatta, (3- 1sts, 1- 4th, 1- 5th) indicate that the current base rating does not need to be adjusted. The members present agreed to leave the current base at -124 for 2023

  1. c) Certificate 17044 – Mills 41 – Final Final

After review of the 2022 Ida Lewis race results the members present agreed to leave the current 2022 base of -30 for 2023.

  1. d) Certificate 16992 – Pogo 36MH – Liberty

After review the members present agreed to leave the current 2022 base rating of 6 for 2023

  1. e) Certificate16335 – Freedom 30sd – Serendipity

After review of 2022 Jamestown results of a 2nd overall the members present agreed to leave the current 2022 base rating of 202 for 2023

  1. f) Certificate 16763 – Marten 49 – Pugilist

After review of the 2022 Safe Harbor results, a 5t place in class the members present agreed to leave the current 2022 base rating of -45 for 2023

  1. g) Certificate 16929 – JPK 45 – Take Two

this boat raced a number of regatta, Ida Lewis Distance, Bud Humphrey, Wickford. The boat shows speed on a beat when there is a breeze but is not a downwind star due to small sail area downwind. It won the Ida Lewis Distance race. After the review the members present agreed to adjust the 2022 base rating of 54 to 51 for 2023

  1. h) Certificate 17076 – Reichel Pugh 45 – Pterdactyl

The 2022 base rating was done via email committee votes due to a last minute submission for the Safe Harbor Regatta. Based on the assigned PHRF-NB base of -66 this boat dis not race PHRF by instead raced ORC. The members present agreed to leave the base at -66 for 2023

  1. i) Certificate 16370 – Camden Knockabout – Ponyo

After a short review the members present agreed to leave the 2022 base of 201 in effect for 2023.

The following boats will be reviewed prior to March of 2023

Certificate 17047 – C&C 30 Nyabinghi – 2022 base 48
Certificate 17066 – Reichel Pugh Z-86 – Oakcliff OC86- 2022 base -114
Certificate 16914 – X50 – Odyssey – 2022 base 6
Certificate 16480 – Eggemoggin47+ – Tink 2022 Base 30

7. Old Business:

    1. No new modifications to the new web page were identified.
    2. Will Museler updated the group on the changes that the Ida Lewis Distance Race is proposing to make for 2023 in an attempt to make the racing tighter and the finishers complete the courses in close proximity by class. The ORC vs PHRF certificate selection by boat is being looked at to see if a ORC certificate holder could be requested to only race under ORC. More to come.

8. New Business:

  1. Annual Meeting – It was agreed that the annual meeting will be held in person on Wednesday, January 26 at the Bristol Yacht Club, Kathy Rotsky to confirm with BYC.


9. Adjournment: 8:47pm