29 August 2022, PHRF0NB Meeting Minutes

PHRF-NB Minutes August 2022

Date:          Monday, August 29, 2022

Time:         1830

Location:   Zoom

  1. Call to Order: 6:30pm

  1. Roll Call:  Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, committee member; committee member;  Ken Madeiro, committee member; Matt Smith, committee member; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.        Approval Meeting Minutes: July 2022 minutes approved by the members present

  1. Appeals:
  2. a)      None
  3. b)    2022 Certificate #16954 Mills 41, Final Final, Jon Desmond, owner
  4. Ratings:
  5. a)      2022 Certificate #16990 – McCurdy and Rhodes 48, Carina, Rives Potts, owner. Clarification on details draft and ‘J’, received, a provisional rating of 57 was assigned.
  6. b)      2022Certificate #17008 – Baltic 56-03, Runaway Bunny. Ben Mackay, owner. The spinnaker measurements requested have been received and accounted for. A provisional rating of -30 was assigned.
  7. Ratings Review:
  8. a)      2022 Certificate #16909 – Swan 48-2- Dragon, Hugh Balloch owner.  Awaiting an update by Matt Smith of the review of the information provided by Hugh Balloch to determine if any action should be taken regarding a rating adjustment. Matt Smith provided that the spar would be lighter but that the furling gear would add weight. The 1 ft. taller mast would not be significant. The headsail and the mainsail maintain the same dimensions. The furler for the A-sail is a top down. The members present agreed on a -3 second adjustment for the carbon rig instead of the normal 6 second adjustment due to the internal roller furler. Base rating assigned is 39

VII.        Old Business:

  1. a)    Communication with 6 Square on finalization on contract of update to PHRF-NB website.
  2. i)             Have we ensured that the payment for certificate(s) occurs after filling out of the application(s) and that all the required data is present to make a rating before it can be acted upon by the committee?  –  What are the required blanks to be filled out? What additional drop downs do we want, a $100.00 fee for expedited processing.

viii.     New Business:

  1. a)      A Luders 24 Certificate 16428, Nan Hall owner, has been racing with a non-declared spinnaker not reflected on their certificate. Committee recommended that the Race Committee Chairman at BYC be notified.
  2. b)      Meeting September 26th – An in person dinner meeting was voted by members present for September. Kathy Rotsky to find a location and query members.

VIII.        Adjournment: 7:35pm