31 July 2023, PHRF-NB Meeting Minutes

July 31, 2023

Date:          Monday, July 31, 2023
Time:         1830
Location:   Zoom

I.  Call to Order: 6:30pm

II.  Roll Call: Don Kern, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating Chairman; Roy Guay, Treasurer; Bob Horton, Secretary; Ec Helme, Committee Member; Mark Nannini, Committee Member;  Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB Administrator

III.  Approval Meeting Minutes: Motion made and seconded to accept the updated minutes of the June 2023 minutes as presented.

IV.  Appeals:

a) 2023 Certificate 17317 – REICHEL PUGH 66, Boudicca, Richard Moody owner appealing current rating of -111. This boat was previously named Blue Yankee.  It compares to Zaraffa a R/66  that was built in 2000 while Boudicca was built in 2006. Zaraffa’s last rating in 2015 was -96 base. The boat races in Jamestown in the spinnaker fleet using its non-spinnaker rating and sailing as a non-spinnaker boat. It takes line honors but finishes far down in the fleet due to its rating. It is preparing for the Ida Lewis Distance Race and Sail for Hope. Mr. Moody presented his case via Zoom and answered questions from the members present. After Mr. Moody dropped off the meeting and long and thorough discussion followed. The members present agreed and voted to adjust the base rating of the boat to -105.

V.  Follow Up Ratings Review:

  1. 2023 Certificate 17669 – Botin 45, Base rating of 63 assigned June meeting pending mainsail girths being provided.
  2. 2023 Certificate 17648 – Moody DS45, Liberty, Ryan Yost, owner. The leech measurement for the spinnaker needs to be requested along with the ISP measurement. A base rating of 81 pending the missing measurements being provided.
  3. 2023 Certificate 17649 – Valiant 50, Miss Red, Victor Pinheiro, owner. Measurements appear inaccurate. It appears Miss Red is a standard Valiant 50. Members present voted unanimously to assign a base rating of 105 pending missing/actual measurements being provided.
  4. 2023 certificate17696 – JUDEL/VROLIJK HH 42, Jigs Up, Wes Pelland owner. Previously rated at -21 base. New configuration with some significant changes. Regression calculates ORC converts to -55. At June Meeting members voted do a more thorough review before issuing a new base rating. Upon receiving the information needed the base rating for the boat remains at -21.

VI.  Ratings Review:

  1. 2023 Certificate in queue – Cherubini 48, Victoria, (staysail schooner), Richard Sammons owner. Mr. Sammons has been contacted 3 times to obtain additional information to allow this boat to be rated and he has not responded. The members presented voted to hold off rating this boat until the information requested was provided.
  2. 2023 Certificate 17785 – HANSE 430e SD, Helios, Robert Connerney owner. The owner reported that he has replace the standing rigging with a more robust and heavier standing rigging. The members present agree to assign and adjustment of +1 second for the rigging. The base rating for the boat remains at 71.
  3. 2023 Certificate 17715 – Archambault 40RC, Banter Matthew Gimple owner. The RC is a version of the 40 which carries an Asym and is 6 sec faster than the RC which carries both an Asym and a symmetrical spinnaker. This is a deep draft boat and has a sprit added to carry bigger Asym than the symmetrical. YRALIS has the RC rated at 39. ECYS has this model rated 39 and NE has a base of 36 for this model. The pole appears as oversized but is actually the standard pole for the boat. It was agreed by the members present to assign a provisional base rating of 39.
  4. Swan 48, K7, Simon Wilson owner. 2022 model, compares to a Hinckley Bermuda 50 and a Baltic 50 which has a base of -21. It is also comparable to a J160 rating -9 which although similar the rigs are different. The main is undersized on this boat as well as the spinnaker being undersized. The Club Swan rates -6 and the Farr 40 Turbo rates -11. It was agreed by the members present to assign a provisional base rating of -9.
  5. 2023 Certificate 17728 – Moody41DS, Overcommitted, Alan Baines owner. Hanse has bought the Moody line and this is a 2022 model. The owner has listed the boat as a cutter on his certificate but it appears it may be a solent rig. The owner lists a 120% headsail which is questionable based on review of pictures of this model. The measurements of this sail is needed to determine if any adjustments are necessary. It has an in mast mainsail and measurements of this sail are also needed to determine if any adjustments are necessary. Regression comes out to 83, it compares to a Hanse 445 at 89. It was agreed by the members present to assign a provisional base rating of 83.

VII.  Old Business

  1. Roy provided an update on status of new web page from his 6Square Only 2 of the 5 items submitted have been completed at this time. The company remains responsive to Roy. The conversion from standard to metric is a new improvement suggested by Will. Roy has given Long Island Sound PHRF the name of 6Square as a possible new customer.
  2. Changes to Base ratings in 2023 thru June are listed.

VIII.  New Business:

  1. Calculating reaching headsail adjustments correctly. It was agreed that all the adjustments should be added up and applied to the spinnaker rating.
  2. Meeting Aug 28th – Zoom

IX.  Adjournment: 8:47pm