PHRF-NB Withholding Dues to US Sailing do to Lack of Support

Since the PHRF regions serve the greatest number of racing sailors in the United States by a significant margin and the apparent lack of support by US Sailing to the PHRF regions, in that our dues are being funneled to other activities rather than supporting the PHRF fleets. Recommendations were presented at meetings between our leadership and members of the US Sailing Offshore Committee, these were:
•    VPP help on new designs looking for ratings
•    Facilitate meetings on a National basis so that regions can collaborate
•    Expand the online tools available and have tutorials on how to implement them
•    Update the “PHRF Handicaps Book” listing with new boat models, built after 2017
•    Update and Access to the boat data on US Sailing for all regions

As the above recommendation have not been address and we continue to see a lack of initiative and focus by US Sailing on grass roots level keelboat racing in the US; PHRF-NB’s Committee has voted to hold back dues for 2024.

Don Kern
Commodore, PHRF-NB