May 20, 2019 PHRF-NB Minutes

May 20, 2019 PHRF-NB Minutes

Meeting at Quantum Sail Loft, Newport, RI

Called to order at 6:30pm

Attendees: Mark Nannini, Commodore; Will Museler, Rating chairman; Bob Horton, Secretary; Kathy Rotsky, PHRF-NB administrator; Paul Cronin, board member; Moose McClintock, board member; Ken Madeiro,  board member; Todd Johnston, board member; Randy Shore, board member; Don Kern, board member

·        Motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of February 25, 2019 were seconded and approved.


Catalina 30bs rating appeal

Certificate 13906 – Little Star, Catalina 30bs, Joe Lamora owner. Mr Lamora was a member of the PHRF-NB board at one time. Joe presented a substantial amount of documentation regarding the various configurations of Catalina 30s from across the country. Specifically as he saw it from areas with wind strength similar to Mount Hope Bay.  Although there were large numbers of Catalina 30s built few show up as being raced. His request is that his rating which had a base change and adjustments changed for 2018 be returned to the base of 2017 which was 183. A very thorough review of the documents that had been presented to support his appeal took place. It was agreed by all present that the adjustments were appropriate and correct. That left the committee with deciding whether the base was or could be incorrect. Again more review was done and a vote was taken supporting the current base of 186. Bob Horton excused himself from the vote as he is the race committee chairman of the club that Little Star races in and is a direct competitor of Little Star.



Certificate 13799 – Outlier, Botin 55, manufactured in 2019, Harvey Jones owner. This is a carry-over from April. The location of the chain plates was in question as the pictures available show them to be outboard. Also questioned was the #2 headsail which was listed as a 130%. The needed additional information, specifically the midgirth of the #2 headsail to arrive at a base rating for this custom design has not been obtained so the rating will be held until that is available. It was agreed by the members present that a provisional base rating of -48 would be adjusted if necessary by the information requested when received. (After this meeting the information requested was received and the base rating was agreed via email to be -36).

Certificate 13881 – Endless Summer, Elan Impression 434, manufactured in 2007, Robert Brooks Owner. Regression calculated by Will Museler comes in at 85. Various comparison boats were reviewed to come up with a base rating. After discussion the members present agreed on a provisional base rating of 93 with applicable adjustments to be applied.

Certificate 14019 – Jeanneau 410 Performance name is same as model, manufactured in 2019, appears to be hull #1, certificate requested by Michael Coe who works at Jeanneau. This is a new boat with characteristics similar to other rated boats. It carries the beam well aft, chainplates are outboard. Largest headsail being registered is a 104%.  After discussion the members present agreed on a provisional base rating of 93 with applicable adjustments to be applied.

Certificate 14107 – Moonglade, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419, manufactured 2018, Todd Murphy owner. The boat has other ratings from LIS and NE which rates the boat at 87.  It was determined that certain comments and information are only visible to 4 members of the committee in the edit section.  A change to the program will be requested to bring any hidden information to the comment section. After discussion the members present agreed on a provisional base rating of 81 with applicable adjustments to be applied. Those include +6 for the main, +3 for the furler, -3 for the sprit, +12 for the headsail, -3 for ISP.

Certificate 13912 – Diana, Helsinki 35, manufactured 1977, Spencer Fulweiler owner. This is a standard boat with no modifications sailing with a 100% jib and no spinnakers listed. After discussion the members present agreed on a provisional base rating of 135 with applicable adjustments to be applied.

Certificate 14045 – Audacious, Pearson Flyer, manufactured 1981, owners George Lima and Ken Madeiro. Submitted a rudder modification for review. Ken explained the center of effort was moved forward and that the overall shape and design was maintained. He also explained the process to design and manufacture the new rudder. There is a 50 pound reduction in weight for the modification. After discussion the members present agreed that no adjustment was required to the existing ratings.


Under girth Spinnakers – Pogo 12.5 has two spinnakers that are below the 75% mid-girth to foot requirement. A formal policy for an appropriate adjustment for these sails has been drafted by Will Museler and submitted to the members for review. The feeling is that we will see more of these either from the manufactures or boats looking for a potential rating advantage and should be proactive in addressing these sails. A tentative adjustment for Pogo was agree to be -8 seconds for their sail.


Location for June meeting was agreed to be the Doyle Sail Loft or EG Yacht Club. The date for the meeting was changed to June 17th.

Meeting Adjourned


Submitted by Bob Horton

Addendum – the following adjustment table was submitted via email to the board members and accepted .


                                                    i.     These sails are defined as either spinnakers that do not conform to 6eii3 or headsails not conforming to 6bii.

                                                   ii.     Sails in this class shall be subject to Table E:

Table E


Sec/Mile Adjustment

70 to 74.99%


65 to 69.99%


60 to 64.99%


55 to 59.99%


50 to 54.99%


44 to 49.99%


40 to 43.99%



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