2019 PHRF-NB Membership/Rating Certificate

This certificate expires on April 30, 2020, or upon change of ownership, whichever comes first.

Certificate status: Renewed

86 107
Spinnaker Non-Spinnaker
Administrative Data
Name:Grimes, Paul
Address:Privacy Protected
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Yacht Club:Conanicut YC
Yacht Name: BreakawaySail Number: 42258
Designer: Johnstone
Manufacturer: TPIModel: J-35
Hull Serial Number: TSP50228F889Date Manufactured: 1988
Other Ratings: 2018 ORC Club GPH of 615.4 w/ 142% genoa and asym spinnakersDate Last Rated:
Boat Measurements
I: 46.4J: 14.7LOA: 35.5
P: 41.5E: 14LWL: 30.2
ISP: 46.4SPL: 14.67Draft: Max 6.9
Py: Ey:
Beam: 11.67Displacement: 10500
Rig Type: SloopRig: Masthead
Keel Weight: 4400Keel Material: Lead
Composite Rigging: noOther Ballast:
Mast Material: AluminumSpinnaker Type(s): Asymmetrical
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Tacked To: rsprit
Engine: InboardProp. Type: Folding
Prop. Install: Exposed ShaftRudder: Spade
# of Blades: 2Keel: Fin Keel
Headsails to be used (LP%)
Headsail 1100
Headsail 298
Headsail 398
Headsail 493
Mainsail Measurements
Spinnakers to be used
Spin # JC SMG Foot Luff Leech
Spin 219.132.331.35342.8
Spin 319.131305546
Code 0
Headsail Credit: n/a

2013:added inner forestay and 135 sq.ft. staysail/heavy air jib; also added an 85 sq.ft storm jib. New spinnaker to J/35 Class rules- no change in rating.
2015: Increase mainsail 2.4% = -1
2016: Probably going to try cutting down some old genoas to try as spinnaker staysails. None would be bigger than 100% - probably closer to 85%.
2017: Have a new 142% genoa and a 93% #4 coming - so max genoa size is up from 135%. Still have a genoa/spinnaker staysail and storm jib that can be flown off an inner forestay. Also have two old jibs that were cut down in the backyard to try as spinnaker staysails. LP of both is less than 100%. Spinnakers are built to J/35 class dimensions.
2018-Convert to Asym only, Asym Credit +7 , Asym pole penalty -9 = -2. Revision #1 added spinnaker dimensions.

Committee Use Only
PHRF #: 14261
Base Rating75 Non-Spin Adj.21
Genoa Spin Adj.12 Genoa Non-Spin Adj.12
Mainsail Adj.-1 Furling Adj.0
Spin. Area Adj. Whisker Pole Adj.
Prop. Adjustment0
Mast Adj.0 Misc. Adj.0
Asym Adj.-2 Spin Pole Adj.0
Committee Signature Date
Katherine Rotsky 06/16/2019