2023 PHRF-NB Membership/Rating Certificate

This certificate expires on April 30, 2024, or upon change of ownership, whichever comes first.

Certificate status: Published

62 81
Spinnaker Non-Spinnaker
Administrative Data
Name:Phil Haydon
Address:Privacy Protected
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Yacht Club:Constitution YC
Yacht Name: FearlessSail Number: 33004
Designer: Andrieu/Verdier
Manufacturer: JeanneauModel: JEANNEAU 3300 SUN FAST PROTOTYPE
Hull Serial Number: 4Date Manufactured: 2019
Other Ratings: previously rated as Alchemist in NBDate Last Rated:
Boat Measurements
I: 40.75J: 13.66LOA: 33.16
P: 39.33E: 14.33LWL: 29.16
ISP: 44.1SPL: 0Draft: Max 6.41
Py: Ey:
Beam: 11.16Displacement: 7416
Rig Type: SloopRig: Fractional
Keel Weight: 3096Keel Material: lead
Composite Rigging: noOther Ballast: Water ballast as previously declared by Alchemist
Mast Material: CarbonSpinnaker Type(s): Asymmetrical
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Tacked To: fsprit
Engine: InboardProp. Type: Folding
Prop. Install: Exposed ShaftRudder: Spade
# of Blades: 2Keel: Fin Keel
Headsails to be used (LP%)
Headsail 1100
Headsail 292
Headsail 3
Headsail 4
Mainsail Measurements
Spinnakers to be used
Spin # JC SMG Foot Luff Leech
Spin 116.9426.2530.5550.1345.37
Spin 216.9428.928.0251.5143.96
Spin 316.942527.346.3641.37
Code 016.9419.06225.4146.1042.72
Headsail Credit: n/a

2020- Base rating includes water ballast.--Prototype designation due to original spec Owner declared removal of 103 lbs including marine head for an adjustment of -1. Shorter JC noted for Prototype.
2023 - New owner added back 15lbs of items including a back up hydraulic ram and sat comms resulting in a net weight saving of 88lbs.

Committee Use Only
PHRF #: 17198
Base Rating63 Non-Spin Adj.19
Genoa Spin Adj.0 Genoa Non-Spin Adj.0
Mainsail Adj.0 Furling Adj.0
Spin. Area Adj.0 Whisker Pole Adj.0
Prop. Adjustment0
Mast Adj.0 Misc. Adj.-1
Committee Signature Date
Roy Guay 2023-04-17