2024 PHRF-NB Membership/Rating Certificate

This certificate expires on April 30, 2025, or upon change of ownership, whichever comes first.

Certificate status: Published

186 201
Spinnaker Non-Spinnaker
Administrative Data
Name:Mike Zani
Address:Privacy Protected
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Yacht Club:Spar Island Racing Association
Yacht Name: VelaSail Number: 14
Designer: S. Graves
Manufacturer: Graves Yacht YardModel: GRAVES CONSTELLATION
Hull Serial Number: 744-14Date Manufactured: 1965
Other Ratings: Date Last Rated:
Boat Measurements
I: 30.5J: 10.8LOA: 29.42
P: 33.3E: 14.5LWL: 21.25
ISP: 30.89SPL: 10.75Draft: Max 4.67
Py: Ey:
Beam: 8Displacement: 6800
Rig Type: SloopRig: Fractional
Keel Weight: 2750Keel Material: Lead
Composite Rigging: noOther Ballast: no
Mast Material: AluminumSpinnaker Type(s): Symmetrical
Asymmetrical Spinnaker Tacked To:
Engine: OutboardProp. Type:
Prop. Install: Rudder: Keel
# of Blades: Keel: Full Keel
Headsails to be used (LP%)
Headsail 1155
Headsail 2140
Headsail 3110
Headsail 40
Mainsail Measurements
Spinnakers to be used
Spin # JC SMG Foot Luff Leech
Spin 110.81918.131.0931.09
Spin 210.81918.131.0931.09
Spin 3
Code 0
Headsail Credit: n/a

2016: Engine well; all measurements taken from previous owner--not verified-but no modifications have been made to vessel.

2017: Vela Refit Explanation – 4.14.17, 2017-3 due to lack of boat weight.
2018- Removed weight penalty.
2021- Changed base rating to 180.
New Deck and Cabin house – Replaced with similar or slightly heavier scantling deck and house. The cabin house will be shortened 24 inches and lowered 4 inches (for aesthetic reasons).

Lengthened cockpit – The cockpit was extended forward 24 inches (distance was taken from the cabin house). This enables 4 people to sit comfortably in the cockpit while racing as opposed to 3 people.

New chainplate location – the chainplates were moved inboard approximately 8 to 9 inches from the old location. See the attached drawing for details. This enables us to trim the sails 3.7 degrees closer to centerline.

New Mast – a new (used) mast is being used on the boat. The spar is 4x6 inches (width and length) as opposed to 3.5X6 inches. The wider mast was needed to support the added compressive rig loads associated with moving the chainplates inboard. The mast is rigged as closely to the old rig and available designed numbers as possible. The new rig weighs 20 lbs more than the old rig and the new rigging is 5-10 lbs more than the old rigging. The same rigging configuration will be used – single spreader, single cap shrouds with split lower shrouds. The spreaders were shortened 4 inches.

Weight – Weight changes still need to be confirmed, but the old deck and cabin house weighed in at 650 lbs when removed (it was very wet). We do not believe the new design will significantly increase or decrease the overall weight of the boat. There are elements which increased the weight (added structure to support the new chainplates, added a second bulkhead to support the new cockpit floor, added back a head, heavier mast), but we also did things to reduce the weight (removed wet wood, removed a wet icebox installed new lighter rigging (e.g. 2 aluminum winches as opposed to 4 bronze)). Please rate the boat at an assumed similar weight and I will report back weight changes when she is launched.

Roller Furling Unit - A roller furling unit will be installed and this roller unit qualifies for the roller furling credit
2021-Roller furler removed as per owners request.
2022- Remove chain plate adjustment. Base rating changes to 186..
2023- No changes.
2024-Repair completed as listed in User Modification, no adjustments. or changes.

Committee Use Only
PHRF #: 17961
Base Rating186 Non-Spin Adj.15
Genoa Spin Adj.0 Genoa Non-Spin Adj.0
Mainsail Adj.0 Furling Adj.0
Spin. Area Adj.0 Whisker Pole Adj.0
Prop. Adjustment0
Mast Adj.0 Misc. Adj.0
Committee Signature Date
Katherine Rotsky 2024-03-29