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PHRF of Narragansett Bay is the performance handicap rating formula association for Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound. This is the only focus of the organization - PHRF-NB does not sponsor sailing events, but works cooperatively with any number of organizations that do so in the areas covered by PHRF-NB. PHRF-NB rates, on average, over 600 boats per year. These boats range from Thistles to Open 60's. PHRF-NB has also been at the forefront of some PHRF innovations, including, over the past several years, creating guides for race committees for handling sport boats, time-on-time scoring calculations, and non-spinnaker adjustments. This site contains a wide range of information about PHRF-NB, and all the information a competitor will need to get their vessel rated, inform the rating committee of vessel modifications, or appeal their rating (or challenge someone else's). Also available are the current rating list, some white papers describing some aspects of the rating process that seem to need clarification, and the meeting minutes/rating actions that are taken at particular committee meetings. All these things are available through the button menu above.


2023 Certificates are not available yet for renewal or purchase.

Applying for 2023 PHRF-NB certificates will not be available until the begining of April.

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